Linggo, Enero 19, 2014

Now is the Time! Happy 2014

My Dearest Family and Friends,
Happy New Year!!! Don't you just love new years? 2013 was a good year for me. Before 2012 ended, I told myself that in 2013, I want to be the girl who would give up everything she loves (family, friends, work, etc) for what she loves the most, Him. And that was just one of the best things that ever happened to me! It is really true that when we obey God's commandments, we are so much happier! Growing up, I've always wanted to do things that would please my dad because I want him to be happy because I love him and same thing goes with our Heavenly Father. I want to do things that would please Him and this year, I want to be the girl He wants me to be. It won't be easy but it is possible! I want to share this article that I loved from Pres. Uchtdorf, The Best Time to Plant a Tree. NOW is the time! We can do it! May we all have a happy and fruitful 2014!
Amazing things happened at the start of this year. I love how it's on fire!
* Helen's finally baptized! She's a very sweet sister. We found her almost two months ago at the playground. She was alone and we were led by the Spirit to find her and approach her there and bring her to church and that's how everything started. Her baptism was very spiritual and the Saturday family were all there with their love and support. Helen was also very happy as tears flow in her eyes and I just love how these people we teach share their testimonies! She also wants her family in the Philippines to know the gospel so we're hoping the missionaries in the Phil. will give us feedback soon. She's doing great too and she's getting a calling!

* A lot of new lessons, new investigators, and new experiences (don't forget, free food all the way haha!) and it gives all sorts of high- the challenges and the joys. We're also rescuing less actives and it's been great just like the other day. The couple missionaries have been praying for some miracle for the Tuesday family because quite a big number moved out that's why they're the smallest group now and last Tuesday, we were able to find someone or she found us! She's a member and she's been here for 3 months but hasn't been to church yet so we brought her there and yay! She's now home sweet home! It's also interesting because Fatima is from Zamboanga and I know her family. By the way, I also get to practice my Chavacano and Cebuano skills too!

* Our zone gets to have a privilege to work online, suplementary to our in-field work and yes, we're on Facebook!!! Sorry, we can't be friends there and I won't be lurking to any of your profs haha. Working online is really helpful! I just love how our investigator, Naneth, posts statutes like.. "need to review past lessons for my interview- feeling great", "just got home from Kowloon Tong from my interview. I'm so blessed. -feeling blessed" awwww, isn't that wonderful? She's really excited for her coming baptism which we don't know yet because she only gets to go out once a month but we're praying for a miracle!

* I also got to work with Sister Serrano last week. We had companion exchanges for 24 hours and I love how we can learn so much from that experience. She's really nice and we had an awesome time together. I get to visit Peninsula 3 branch in Kwai Fong and it was really refreshing to the senses to see a branch with more than 5 priesthood holders, and there are primary children and youth. I also had an encounter with this adorable little girl who drew me (see photo attached). I knew it was me because it had curly hair with a flower on her head and I had a flower clip that Sunday! Too cute! Families are just one of the best things ever. The Filipino members here know how important their families are to them and some time in the future, they want to be with their families. I'm grateful for my family. I appreciate how my parents would gather us all to kneel down in prayer every night. It didn't really make sense to me when I was younger but looking back, it was one of the few things they did to keep our family intact and strong amidst all the trials. I love you, family!

* We got to go to the Temple this morning and no words can express how I feel. Insert all the positive and best feelings here! The Temple is just the best place for instruction and revelation ever and I feel prettiest when I'm dressed in white!
I've been singing the hymn, Savior, Redeemer of My Soul for a week now and my companion gets to join me in my singing too haha! I just love the lyrics of that song! I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us. God has this perfect love for all of His children. Even if we mess up a lot of times, He still loves us with His perfect love and He still has that desire to bless us with all that He has. It is true. You are loved.
Fun/weird/just-so-you-know facts:
1. Eating ice cream during winter isn't bad. It's really cool.
2. We don't really know all the other missionaries cause their badges are written in Chinese characters but the dual language name tags are back soon! Excited!
3. I finally got letters! Thanks! So one letter was from someone I really didn't expect. He's an old man from our ward who served as a bishop before and he moved with his family to the US. How thoughtful of him to send me a Christmas card and he was giving encouragement and support to missionary work. It's so hard to reply to 50+ emails a week with only less than 30mins but thanks for keeping in touch! I really appreciate it and all the updates, the stories, and the LOVE makes me happy and nourished! Thank you so much! I love you!
Love and prayers,
Sister Posadas

Linggo, Enero 5, 2014

He Has Us in the Palms of His hands

Dearest Family,

WHAT A WEEK!!!! What a wonderful way to end the year!
At the start of the year, I honestly thought that I'd end up getting married this year (yikes! hahaha) but God had really better plans for me and I've seen so many miracles here and it was pretty much a busy week here!
1. Last Pday was sooo fun! We went out to go biking with some of the members here. It was fun to get to know them more and to unwind with the nature. I'm such a big loser okay because I don't know how to ride a bicycle at all. I'm glad Sister Balubal, my cheerful MTC batchmate, doesn't know how to also haha and we shared the same bike with so many wheels and I think I have a future in being a pedicab driver woohoo!! The view there was breathtaking- the sea, the sky, and the mountains!!! It was a perfect manifestation of how great our God is for all His creations :) photos attached! Enjoy!

2. Dear Family, thank you so much! I'm so happy to be able to talk to you even if it made me feel homesick a bit! You made me cry! Hahaha. I wont forget Ayan and I's conversation:
Me: Ayan, magmission ka na! BILIS!!!
Ayan: Bakit???
Me: Kasi masaya!!!
Ayan: Kung masaya, eh bakit ka umiiyak??
Me: *laughs! speechless!*
Okay, I forgot those were tears of joy! Guess what, one of the perks of being a missionary is they'd ask you to sing. So my family knows how I always wanted to sing but people just won't let me hahaha and my family knows how terrible I am but here, they do ask me to sing! Unbelievable! It's definitely not because of my voice, maybe the spirit? heehee. Singing a solo or a duet with my comp in a huge crowd! It's soooo funny! I think my companion thinks I'm crazy. Anne Curtis lang ang confidence eh hahaha but it was fun! Watch out family, I'll sing everyday when I get home. I know you miss me! :p

3. Thank you so much for all the birthday greetings! I'm a year older and WISER. :) I bet my parents can fully trust me now because they've made me feel like I'm a baby all these years hahaha! The members are too sweet to sing me a birthday song and prepare food for us. The best gift I could ever have is to give off myself to others and this year's Christmas and birthday celebration, were very simple and uplifting. Mom, Sister Yolly Ramirez likes telling everyone of your story that you were a missionary way back in 1986 and now it's good to see me as yopur descendant, another missionary here. Small world! See how amazing the Gospel works!

4. Christmas Carol - Our investigator Carol's finally baptized on Christmas Day! We had two baptisms this week. Jaycel was also baptized yesterday. It was just amazing to see them enter the waters of baptism and finally receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and be officially members of the Church! They have really felt the influence of the Spirit and the love of God in their lives. Seeing them being baptized, sharing their strong testimonies about the truthfulness of the Church, and seeing them burst into tears because they're really happy is such a blessing. They really have such sweet spirits and are committed to live His gospel all throughout their lives. I am grateful to see Maria and Susan, our recent converts, progress every week as they continue to attend Church and also have this strong desire to share the gospel to their families. The women we are teaching and working with here in Hong Kong are not just "helpers", they are mothers and future mothers, who have such divine and noble calling, they will be an influence for good in the world as they nurture children and others with the love of our Savior and His teachings. They will shape future generations. They have been examples to me and I love them! Grateful because I also get to have a huge dose of hugs and kisses from these loving sisters each week! Sweeeeet!We are also working on their families in the Philippines as we send their addresses to the missions in the Philippines and if you have contact to the missions, please remind them to send missionaries to their places immediately! This is very URGENT! Souls are waiting there! :)  The sisters here are also very supportive with missionary work as they welcome new people to church and yes, please take care of everyone. EVERYONE around you. Everyone needs to feel loved and special. ;)

5. I saw the Temple last night. First time to see it at night. It's so beautiful! Sister Mabunga, our investigator and I went to meet President Hawks!!! He's devastated to know that he forgot to greet me on my birthday but all is well now. I'm grateful for my companion and I commend her for her patience with me. Hahaha! We love each other and yes, she's Sister Trainer Leader now. More responsibilities, haha she'll do great for sure and I hope I can be a good helpmeet for her. :)
God has wrought all of these miracles because He loves us so much. He has us in the palms of His hands. Jesus Christ is our Savior, our Redeemer. There's this beautiful song that was sung here that I forgot the title and the last line goes like.. "Make me worthy of Thy love, And to fit me for the life above". Our Savior has made everything possible for us because of His Atonement. I will forever testify of His love and that His gospel is true! It will truly bless us and it will lead us to eternal life.

May each of you feel the love of our Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ each day. Merry Christmas and have a very happy, blessed, and fruitful 2014!!! I love you all!

Belated happy birthday Aaron, Auntie Guy and others hahaha!
Congratulations to Engr. Jahonri Tating! Jenna girl, if you happen to read this, well hi! Thanks for all your service! Your stalking skills are so good! Reminds me of my old good days with the internet. :D
*I hope you enjoy the photos. I'm fat alright oh well, I need some fat to keep me warm this winter season :))))

Love and prayers,
Sister Posadas