Linggo, Setyembre 28, 2014

What A Week

Sa Aking Mga Minamahal,
We went to a buffet earlier at Galaxy with some of the missionaries and it was fun. Sister Serrano couldn't believe that I could eat a lot. Well, I'm grateful that my tummy is expandable (only if I want to) and I've learned how to prove my parents and relatives before mission that I'm worth it to be brought in a buffet meal. It was really worth it and one of the best things as a missionary here in Macau is the buffet! It was so so good! And I don't think I'll ever eat for the rest of my mission haha jk we still have a dinner appointment/FHE tonight. :)
Okay, it's been really great working with Sister Serrano. She is so wise. She is so prepared to be a wife and a mom someday! We can also talk about everything but we have goals to be really focused with our purpose. We need to avoid distractions and be exactly obedient. President Hawks wants us to be full-purposed missionary. This week, we got a chance to be interviewed by our mission president and his wife. It's amazing how he knows us individually. He knows our needs. He can discern us so well that he knows the gifts that we have that we aren't aware of. I just love them!
Sister Serrano and I were able to extend 3 baptismal dates this week in one lesson. We were teaching three people at that lesson and yesterday morning, we had a wonderful experience with two of our investigators and with some members. Sister Aurora, a member called us and was asking for a priesthood blessing. We tried to contact the elders and they said that it would be best if a member would be the one to give it to them and so we were able to contact a worthy brethren who can do the blessing for our investigator, Kelvin. He wasn't feeling well. He couldn't move half of his body and Sister Aurora was the member who referred them (with his mom) and she has such faith too! Brother Edward, a member, was so happy to give him a priesthood blessing but before that, he asked Kelvin questions like "Do you believe in Jesus Christ?", "If God doesn't allow you to be healed, will you still continue to love Him?" etc. and he said YES to all his questions. We personally felt that Kelvin was so full of faith and after the prayer, he was sobbing in tears. The Spirit was just so strong and all of us who were there were also in tears. :) I have deep appreciation for the priesthood power and for worthy priesthood holders and I know that the church is true!
I'm in a rush!
With love unfeigned,
Sister Posadas

Linggo, Setyembre 21, 2014


Dearest Family,
Earlier, my new companion, Sister Serrano and I went to the Venetian to have lunch with our branch president and his wife in hong kong, and after they left and the other missionaries, we went to the Transformers 30th anniversary expo. It was something that she really wanted to visit on a Pday and of course, I'm game for that. I wish Aj was there with us, he'll definitely love all the cool things we've seen. :)
It has been a good week. I can't believe that I'm already a week old here in Macau. It's a blessing to be back here in my first area and see the growth that took place. There are now 3 branches here (2 chinese branches and one international branch where I'm serving right now). I was surprised that the members were happy to have me back here and they still remember me. One of the members, Sister Aurora, was smiling at me when I was teaching with Sister Serrano in Gospel Principles Class and she said that she was happy to see me grow and mature and that I'm totally different now and it amazes her what a mission could do for someone. I thought of it for a while and yes, I definitely am not the awkward new missionary when I first started haha but maybe I couldn't really notice the changes within me but I do feel that everyday, I continue to learn and grow as I fulfill my purpose and serve God with all my heart, might, mind, and strength each day. As I read through the pages of my journal, I've seen how God has helped me all along the way and His children and how he molded and transformed me to be who I am right now. I'm very grateful for this opportunity of a lifetime.
Sister Serrano is super awesome! I love her. She is love! She's someone I would want to keep forever! We get along well and she would let me eat my lettuce and fruits haha. We were companions for a day before on exchanges and she knew Elder Posadas who served in her ward before. I've learned so much from her example. As a missionary, she strives to be exactly obedient and diligent. She is also a very good Sister Training Leader. All the other sisters that I live with are so fun to be with. I love them and all the other missionaries here in Macau are also very diligent and happy! It's so fun to be working with them.
I am very excited to find more people to teach. I'm very tan right now because it's very hot and humid out here and they say that it's the darkest hour in the mission (literally dark in color). Sister Serrano and I have been doing a lot of finding, reactivation, and also strengthening the unit we're serving as well. The members are really nice!!! I love them. Macau looks babylon-ish with all the great and spacious buildings but it is a beautiful place and I know that there are truly a lot of good people out there who are prepared to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ because it is something that we all NEED in this life and that is why we're here as missionaries. :)
Keep the updates coming. I love to hear from you every week.
Thanks for everything. I love you all. God bless!
Until we meet again,
Sister Posadas

Is the Testimony of Jesus Christ burning in your bosom?

Ang Aking Minamahal na Pamilya,

Kamusta kayong lahat? I was so stoked for this week because what I had in mind was.. all-mission meeting, give a training, and temple day! But, President Hawks surprised me with a news last Saturday that I'll be moving to Macau. My bags are all packed and I sure did acquire a lot of stuff in more than nine months in Hong Kong haha anyway, I'm both nervous and excited to be back in my land of inheritance in the mission field! I had a little bit of separation anxiety as I said goodbye to the branches I served. I will surely miss them but I know that I'll be seeing them back after two months! That's going to be so quick! I'm going to miss the International Zone too. We just had a powerful zone training last Friday and I admire how our sister training leaders are so Christlike. We were excited with our new goals and actions of doing something everyday that scares you (which helped me to become bolder and fearless in talking with everyone and finding the elect), exploring by the Spirit (that's how we were able to check out new finding places and new ways- it's fun!), and teach like the Master, Jesus Christ. It's here in my mission that I've learned more about Him and had this huge desire to follow Him. 

Earlier, we had an all-mission meeting (it was on short notice), Elder Rasband and the entire Asia Area Presidency and their wives, were present in the meeting! There were actually five from the Seventy! Isn't that something historical? I was not sure if I could say an opening prayer with their presence and the huge crowd but I'm grateful that the Spirit guided me with a beautiful prayer. It was such a wonderful opportunity to receive instruction and be edified by the Lord's chosen servants. 

I'm so grateful for President Hawks and his wife! They're the best! I am marked by them for the rest of my life. They've made a great influence in my life. They're exemplary in being exactly obedient, quick to observe, good listeners, and of Christlike love, and a whole lot more. 

I've learned so much and the single most important thing that I am learning here in the mission is to be a disciple of Jesus Christ- to think, feel, and act as He does. I am His greatest convert. Before my mission, I went to the Temple to learn about the law of consecration and here I am, consecrating my all to Him. I am serving here because I love my Savior. I testify that Heavenly Father hears and answers all our prayers and He will give what you asks of Him if it isn't contrary to His will. I know that is true because it happened a lot of timesin my life. 

So here's the question Elder Rasband threw out on us.. 
Is the testimony of Jesus Christ burning in your bosom? 
Is it still burning in your bosom just like when you were a young missionary?
It's something that we can all ponder.

Know that I always love you!!! I pray and hope that you will all have a fantastic week! May you continue to perfectly seek for God's guidance everyday. 

Until we meet again,
Sister Posadas

Fun Facts:
1. In my 23 years of existence, I just learned last week how to pronounce the word auxiliary right (from a native american speaker). I'm done with my language pass-offs! Yay! I'm grateful for Elder Woodburn who helped me  with my English.
2. Are you excited for General Conference? I am! For the first time, speakers from the Seventy will speak in their native language so we're going to have English subtitles! Elder Wong, from the Asia Area Presidency, is going to be the first speaker in the Saturday session. He's very fluent in English though. :)


Celebrating August! Sister Mabunga's birthday and just strolling around Hong Kong on a Pday! We're all blue for Zone Conference! Fun times! :) 

I know you miss me! I love you all! Stay happy and be really good! 

Happy September First!

Last Pday, we went out as a district. The elders finally decided to join us to do something fun haha! Yay for the Tagalog/Island District!

Isn't that a beautiful place? It was really reverent there and we're so happy we got to visit it! This is where the first baptism in Hong Kong and in China was held in 1950 in a cold winter. The story that took place here was really amazing!

​ Tadaaaaa! We were lost. After going to Nan Lian Gardens, we thought of going back home because we didn't know where to find the place but a miracle happened, we met a group of sister missionaries who also went to that place and they gave us some instruction. They told us that it's just a 10 minute walk and after ten minutes, we're not there yet. :)))) 

Just a few group photos to share. I got tons in my camera! Effort much pala magpost this way! Do you think we need a selfie stick next time? Haha.

The work is great! We are enjoying and enduring well! It's never easy but it's worth it! Don't you just love being a disciple of Jesus Christ?

For this week, I want to share this article that I just read and it I loved it so much and I had a stronger desire to gain more light! Please take time to read this.

Continually ask yourselves the question, "Do you see any light in that?"
Yes, the powers of the adversary are strong in the world today, but our collective influence, as true disciples of the living Savior, is even stronger. May we continually let our light—His light, which is in us—shine."
I love you all! Let's all be children of the light! The lives you touch will touch- the effect is amazing!

Sister Posadas

Fun Fact:
1 Sister Cubelo: Simula ng naging companion kita, marami na akong napuntahan. Puro gala. :) Is that a compliment? :))