Lunes, Oktubre 14, 2013

From MTC with Love

Everything's been AMAZING! The Spirit is so strong here. I don't even know myself anymore haha it was awkward at first being called as Sister Posadas and now I can't even remember my first name. :) There are a lot of missionaries here. Some of them are from different parts of the world like Fiji, Australia, USA, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, etc. That enough is to know that the gospel is all over the world and that the church is true! I am learning SO MUCH here! Missionary work is HARD. You get stressed and frustrated. Haha! But then I'm grateful for all the experiences I have here. It's VERY HUMBLING. I have really learned to RELY on the LORD. A lot of miracles are happening and I've never been happy! I never thought my love would really grow! I realized how selfish I was before but being here at the MTC taught me a lot of things. I don't think of myself anymore but think of others first. My companion is Sister Estrada from Bacolod. She's hilarious and very loquacious! She's charitable and really likes serving. We are helping each other a lot. I love her and I'm loving her more each day! She's going to Canada Calgary mission but temporarily here in QC North. There are 6 of us going to Hong Kong. We're not sure if our visa is already here but wherever the Lord wants us to be, we will go. :) My room mates, Sister Surio and Sister Brizuela, are also very nice and loving.  I love them so much! We really get a long well despite our differences and circumstances in life. It's like I've know them for so long. We're in the same district too. I'm also happy with my district! We are so united that we have matching colors and we eat together every meal.  They're really cool, smart, and talented! They have really strong testimonies of the gospel and it's good to know that we all grew up in the church. Can you imagine what they are like? I'm also learning A LOT from them. They strengthen me and help me improve. I'm so grateful for them. We do our best to OBEY with EXACTNESS and have lotsa fun at the same time! I'm grateful for them and for all the missionaries, teachers, and people I've met here. I love them all. :) Last Sunday, I was the speaker by surprise. I'm just glad the Spirit is teaching me to do what I must do and say also. It's very helpful. We went to the Temple today and it was also a very wonderful spiritual experience. My companion got endowed and she loved it too! The gospel of Jesus Christ is REALLY BEAUTIFUL! It is really true and that's why we're here. I feel so blessed that I have the gospel in my life. Everyone must know of this! :)

Some photos from the best distrcit ever! j3j3j3 we rOck pH0e.. Their testimonies are hard core. They're really a lot of fun too.
Sister Brizuela (from Pangasinan to QCN mission) Sister Surio and Elder Surio (California to QCN and Legaspi) Elder Canlas and Sister Estrada are going to Canada (temporarily QCN), Elder Guanzon (going to Idaho Boise, temporarily QCN) and our district leader, Elder Llanera (will go to Naga mission!) :)

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