Linggo, Marso 16, 2014

I thought I just got myself into this for 18 months...

...but it seems that this is for a lifetime, forever, for all time and eternity!!!! That's what I've learned from the meeting with Elder Holland last Tuesday.
I'm grateful for this opportunity to receive counsel from him and from other leaders. I prayed and fasted before that meeting (Elder Holland's amazing. He's bold and his words are piercing) and I'm grateful that I was spiritually prepared because it was more of an instruction for me (wala kaayo ko naigo ba hehe). I was edified!!!
I've learned that I am God's greatest investigator. I have learned so much here and Elder Holland wants that this mission must be the most defining moment in our lives and it has been for me. This mission means everything to me and I should invest everything I have heard. I was in tears when Elder Holland said, "You have no right to desecrate that image". I have felt His love so much and I've come soooooo close to God here in my mission. I've witnessed a lot of miracles and yes, there's no turning back anymore even after my mission. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and will forever be! I love being a missionary! God has given me all that I need and I should do my very best here because I'm never ever getting a chance like this. Not ever.
Sister Reniva's home! Nemevie Reniva is one of my best friends and I'm grateful for her awesome example. If it not because of her, I might not be a missionary right now. I have a lot of plans before. I was very much confused haha and I won't forget when she told me, "Learn to say no to what's good for what's best." so I prayed about considering serving a mission (again). So this is the answer! :) I'm also grateful for all her encouragement and her love.
It has been a terrific week! President Hawks reminded us what he heard Elder Holland said thrice last week: "If you expect them, you will get them. If you don't expect, you won't get them." Isn;t that powerful? I guess that will work in every aspect of our life as we seek for it prayerfully. Prayers are very simple yet powerful. Great faith is directly proportional to great miracles.
I've witnessed a lot of miracles this week! Our investigators came back this week and Dea's going to be baptize this month!
I know that God loves all His children. He speaks to us continually that is why we have a living prophet today! The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored! I know that Jesus Christ lives. He is our Savior and Redeemer. I am forever grateful for His Atonement.
God bless you all. Continue to be miraculous. I love you, I really do.
Until we meet again,
Sister Posadas
Fun facts:
1. We got to have like a class picture of China Hong Kong Mission. So cool! All of the missionaries here in China Hong Kong got to be with Elder Holland! It was a wonderful opportunity! (this time, I got to shake his hand and a beso-beso with Sister Holland heehee)
2. They think I'm sixteen!!! Can you believe that? And that I can make it into the movies! The latter part is very outlandish and impossible. I wonder how come my family thinks I'm mature in my photos but people here think I'm way younger than my age haha. PM if you wanna know the secret to youthful glow! ;)
3. I have a new little friend. Her name's Alyanna. She's the only primary in Victoria 2nd branch, Saturday family. We get along well though I can't really understand everything she says haha. Our last conversation was about dinosaurs! She's so adorable! Btw, Sister Serrano told me that the little girl who drew me from the branch where she serves still remembers me. I think her name's Jillian. I love kids. I miss them. There aren't a lot of children in where I serve so I make the most of my encounters with them. :p
Shoutouts: Thank you for all the mail! I feel so loved!!! <3

Defining Moments

Sa Aking Mga Minamahal,
Kamusta kayong lahat? Before anything else, I'd like to share some fun facts for this week:
1. We got locked inside the lift. It was really weird because none of the buttons could be clicked and my comp and I were stuck for five minutes there but instead of panicking and worrying, we were laughing (I was even in tears haha!) because it was just the funniest thing, being locked in an elevator at the church for a while. What an experience.
2. We had our language pass offs and the next day, I literally had a nosebleed. No worries, I'm perfectly fine.
3. Elder Holland tapped my arm yesterday! We followed the members of our branch on the ground floor because they said we must fall in line and to our surprise, they were all there. So I'm thinking of putting my coat in the laundry or not. Oh, he touched me. :)
February's almost over and there are hard days here in the mission. It can really be frustrating like when our investigators' baptismal dates are pushed back due to some circumstances that we can't control. My companion said that the past two weeks, those were the lowest numbers in her entire mission but we never lose our faith and we still continue to do our duty and give our best. I know God wants us to learn something this time and even during these hard times, I've witnessed God's helping hands in this work. His miracles are there. His promises are sure. It never fails to amaze me every single day.
We had a devotional with Elder Holland and Elder Hallstrom yesterday. They were here to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Church in Hong Kong. Nauna pa pala dito kaysa sa pinas!
It is such a wonderful blessing and privilege to be at the feet of a living apostle of the Lord and I'm grateful for these kind of privileges I had when I was younger upto now. Elder Holland's message was very powerful and I'm going to share what I've learned. He gave 3 ways on how we can give meaning to our present days:
1. We are pioneers. Why? Because we are first dispensation that can cease, and flee from Babylon. We are the first dispensation who must turn and confront it. (which is much harder than running away from it) This is the time that we're not going to run anymore. (unlike the prophets of old, the pioneers looking for Zion) We are to turn, confront, and conquer Babylon. We are going to battle and our weapons are of peace, love, compassion, and truth. The only way Babylon can be conquered is to stand firmly for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our homes, mainly in our homes (he repeated that twice), at work, or at play every day, every way wherever we are at every stand.
2. Because this isn't the last dispensation, it is the GREATEST of all dispensations! It's more than restoration, is is that, so much more, this dispensation has restored every element of every dispensation that ever lived. Welcome to the greatest, fullness, of dispensation of times! No one had that responsibility of knowing the truth
3. This dispensation has an assignment that no other dispensation has ever had. Elder Holland said that somewhere in this lifetime, or in our children or grandchildren's lifetime, Christ will come and will ask the keys of His church. I am so grateful to be members of the only true church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who holds the keys and the fullness of His gospel. It is the same church that existed during the time of Adam and all the prophets that followed. There will be no more apostasy and the church will continue to grow til Christ comes. And what we need to do is TO LOOK AND ACT LIKE A DISCIPLE OF CHRIST, that when He comes and when He sees us, He would recognize us. One of the most frightening verses in the scriptures is in 3 Nephi 14:28 when He said.. "I never knew you".
Elder Holland said that there are so many who look and act like Christians, who have churches and stained glass windows but just like what Jesus Christ told Joseph Smith, "their hearts are far from me, they teach for doctrines the commandments of men, having a form of godliness, but they deny the power thereof." I really felt the urgency to share this message especially to those who aren't members of the church. To my family and friends back home, I love you and I care for you. I ask you to see the missionaries. Please. I promise you that you'll never regret it and I know that this is God's plan for you. It won't be easy. I know that this message I share as a missionary will help you. This gospel is beautiful, powerful, and important. My mission has been a defining moment for me. It has changed the way I think, and how I used to do things and there's nothing more that I want to do in this world but to follow Jesus Christ. I love the Savior, Jesus Christ.
Until we meet again,
Sister Posadas

Lunes, Marso 10, 2014

I Stand All Amazed

...but I'm sitting right now though :) February was a terrific month! I never thought March could be even better! :)
President Tai, the district president said, "Miracles come if we have faith. Miracles come if we ask. Miracles come because He trusts you".
  I bet you all heard of the news that the Hong Kong China Temple is now open on a Sunday (once every quarter). Isn't that amazing? For the first time in history, out of 150+ temples operating worldwide. Hong Kong China Temple was opened last Sunday, March 16. It's a historical event and Mommy Sol, one of the members in Pen2 where I had an exchange said to us, "Anak, part ako ng history!" Nakakatuwa diba? Our hearts were filled with joy and gratitude for this answered prayer. We had a special conference for the International District. All the branches with most Filipinos were there. The Temple is opened on a Sunday for the Filipinos & Indonesians who don't have other days off aside from Sunday. It was a very wonderful sacrament meeting. We were filled with the Spirit. Can you believe I was in tears like the entire sacrament meeting because of the testimonies and talks that I've heard! It's really amazing. I'm also very grateful for the faith and example of the members and leaders here. Heavenly Father trusts them and He knows that they'll put the Temple into good use. I stand all amazed because God really loves and cares for all His children :)
 The universe is vast, there are billions of worlds, billions of people, and everyday we get to pass through hundreds of faces in this crowded city and isn't it amazing how God really knows each one of us? He is mindful of us. He knows our needs. And he hears and answers all our prayers individually and collectively :) He definitely understands the circumstance of our Filipino sisters here and out of necessity, He opened the Temple especially for them. My faith and testimony has been strengthened so much that God really loves all His children and that He lives! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a global church, it is for everyone. We are all equal in His sight. I know that this is His true church!
 Sister Mabunga and I got to witness a lot of miracles too! Sometimes I ask myself, am I worthy for those miracles? Have I had enough faith? It's really good to ponder on those things. Anyway,
we have a referral!!! Amazing!!! Everytime we get a referral, our faces light up immediately and our smiles are like this --> :)))) Now, a self-referral's a first! Sister Elizabeth is amazing! She is super golden! She's been an ivestigator before here and in the Philippines. We were with her during the special conference and we toured her around the Temple. She was so happy too! We have learned so much from her experience and her testimony of prayer which also strengthened ours. :')
Thus, never ever underestimate the power of prayer!
And today we are going to the Temple! Hooray! :)
Attached are photos since February: birthday photos from Sister Dequilla, Sister Capucion and Sister Walker :) at the Temple with our amazing investigator :) and some photos with me and my comp and random selfies :))
I will be replying to your emails next week. Family first, dear friends~ because they don't email me that much hahaha!
I sure love you all.
Sister Posadas