Linggo, Oktubre 27, 2013

I'll Go Where He Wants Me to Go

How's everyone been doing there? I heard about the earthquake. :( I hope everything's fine by now. Hopefully. :)

I've been meeting a lot of people lately. I'm happy that our empty area book is now filling up with pages and we've found really good people to teach! It was a challenge at first to talk with everyone but yeah, me and my companion managed that and we even tried talking to some people from Tanzania and East Timor. It was a first time to meet people from those parts of the world! I'm grateful for the members here. They are so supportive and loving. I'm grateful for the friendship we've built with them. I wish I can stay longer here in Macau but I can't because of visa stuff but I'm blessed to be here and to be one of those to start the work here for the Filipinos. They are all amazing! We're planting seeds! I'm making the most of my time here. This is His time, His work and I know He's gonna help us. He always does because He loves us and He is mindful of all His children. :)

My companion and I are doing great! Sister Mabunga is awesome! Miracles are coming our way!!!!!!! I also got a chance to be Sister Larson's companion for a day. She's sweet and amazing too. I learned a lot from her that day. All the other sisters, Sisters Lau, Choi and Chiu are awesome and hilarious! I love them! They've been great examples to me. 

I'm still here in Macau and things have been doing great. Yesterday, President Hawks visited us and told us that the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is now aware of Macau and they have this 8 year vision for it. We only got 2 branches here in Macau. Hopefully in a few years we'll have a district and a building. And in 12-15 years, a temple! Ha! Well, we need a lot of faith and hard work for that. President Hawks also told us missionaries that we should work harder than any other area that they've been but it's my first area so I guess I have to really work hard too. We're doing our best and he said that Macau will  be a jewel in the crown of the Lord. Amazing! In the general conference, they said that this time is a remarkable one in history just like Joseph Smith's first vision, the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, and the building of the first temple. So this time is really something special in the history!!!! No wonder my faith has been tested soooo much! :) but it's all good. This is what my mission president says, "growing pains". I'm grateful for these opportunities to grow in faith to our Savior, Jesus Christ. :)

I love being here!!!! I'm happy everyday! I'm a happy missionary! I'll go where He wants me to go. I'll say what He wants me to say. I'll be what He wants me to be. :)

Live the gospel of Jesus Christ! It's a lifelong commitment and the only way to eternal life. ;)

Thank you for all the letters and emails! Sorry I cant reply to all the email though but I'm trying heehee :(

Love and prayers,
Sister Posadas :)

To Bring The World His Truth

(was supposed to send this last week)

Hi everyone!
It's been a blast! I can't believe we're leaving the MTC tomorrow and off to our mission area. Last night's devotional was bittersweet but we're all excited to embark to a new journey. This is just an ending of a new beginning.

The whole Missionary Training Experience was one of the bests so far. I learned so much that it CHANGED me and help me grow. Our teachers Sister Maala and Brother Roda taught us a lot of things in the district. In 12 days, we were molded as we get ready to go on the real battle field. Practice teachings, lessons, devotionals, etc. It was really a tight schedule and it wasn't easy at all. Haha. What I love the most is that I learned to rely on the Lord, to recognize and follow the promptings of the Spirit. And it's something that I personally have to work hard for. Can you believe how much praying we do in a day? I was like, what's happening to me?! Who am I? I love who I am right now! Haha. 

President and Sister Beck and all the other leaders and teachers showed their love for us and they always inspire us. I am so grateful for that. Not only our spirits were full during our stay there but also our tummies as well are always happy! :) I've met a lot of wonderful souls too! I love my friends there, all the other missionaries especially my district mates. They're amazing! They're so funny and like I said, their testimonies are hard core and we help each other a lot. My girls (roommates) and I got so close also that we knew we've met already before in the pre existence. We got to share our deepest secrets and desires. I will never forget the sweetest moment we had together at the Temple. It was really beautiful. I love them all so much. I will surely miss all of them!

The only time I got homesick was when we had choir practice and we sang Love Is Spoken Here. BURN!! We saw our mission parents in the MTC crying and I missed my mom and dad, the entire family, I missed home. Everyone started crying and so did I. I just love my family! Both at home and all those I consider as my family. :) 

"YOU ONLY PASS THIS WAY ONCE." only happens once that I'm totally set apart from the world so this entire experience is just an opportunity of a lifetime and it can never come back again! This is the Lord's time and we're not gonna waste this precious time of His. We're here to bring the world His truth. That's why I am here. Missionary work is great and I love it! Without a doubt in my mind and in my heart, I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. The gospel is true. It's a gospel of love. A gospel of second chances and happy endings. And it's all we need in this life as we prepare to meet God. It will make us better, it will make us happy, it will help us through life's challenges. I love the Book of Mormon. It is really true! For my friends who haven't read it yet, I encourage you to do so and ponder on it then pray and ask God sincerely if it is true. He hears and answers all our prayers. I know that He lives and that He loves us. ALWAYS. :)

Here are a few photos from the MTC. We only have a scheduled time to take photos and that's it. Haha. Most of the photos are with my companion, Sister Estrada and the Enos district.  

PS. please forward email to other friends. I dont have everyone's email! 

Love and prayers,
Sister Posadas


Lunes, Oktubre 14, 2013

Touch Down Hong Kong

Touch down Hong Kong! I love it here. It's beautiful. There are a lot of mountains and yeah, my sisters know how I'm obsessed with mountains lol. It was so sweet of President and Sister Hawks to pick us up at the airport last Wednesday. We saw the Temple! It was really neat! It was right in front of the mission office (just like in Cebu). More Filipinas (there were five of us) sent in China Hong Kong Mission yay! And there were also 11 elders who are Cantonese speaking from Provo. All the other missionaries I've met here are also sooooo nice! Everytime they speak Cantonese/Mandarin, my jaw drops in awe like wow! Gift of tongues aye! :)

Guess where my first area is? Hahahaha. :))
I'm here in MACAU!!!!!! It's the first time they sent a filipina companionship here so there's a lot of hard work and a lot of FAITH needed because we're kind of opening an area. It's a blessing and an opportunity to serve here. Macau's a beautiful place. Life is slower here and we're not likely to get hit by any vehicle here. ;)

My trainer is Sister Mabunga. She's from Montalban, Rizal. I love her! She's awesome! She's really good, kind, and funny. She helps me a lot especially in teaching and yes, she feeds me mehehe. :) I'm just grateful because the Lord knows what I need most. :) He also knows that Macau is the best place to serve right now even though we're far, far away from all the other missionaries.. The weather's hot like in the Philippines. We live in an apartment with 2 other companionship who speaks Cantonese and English. Those girls are sweet, cute, and amazing! My companion and I do a lot of walking and finding. (Now, I know why missionaries are always hungry! So please feed them! They'll be so happy! lol) There are a lot of people around and Filipinos too. We smile and talk to them and sometimes it's frustrating when you know in your heart, you have this good message to share and why don't you people just listen to us?! This is for your own good! Heeee. They say Macau is a land of miracles. They are a lot of prepared people here and we're finding them. It's hard. Faith is really exercised because faith precedes miracles. Exact obedience and hard work also brings forth miracles! But I'm learning a lot, I learned to be humble the most. :') I'm grateful for everyone I've met here. The members are all so nice and helpful too. We have some investigators and most of them are really from members so when members and missionaries really unite, that's just fantastic! You don't know what you guys can do! So please take time to share the gospel and give referrals to the missionaries. Souls need to be saved especially now that He is hastening His work. We're sent here to fight for the salvation of these souls! We pledge not only our time here, but also our live to this cause! 

I'm grateful that China is starting to learn English in their curriculum now. That will be of good help for building God's kingdom here. 

By the way, I love the General Conference! It was the most inspiring! I'm sure you guys did too! (for those who havent watched it yet, go to

I know that this restored gospel is true! I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God. I know that we have  a living prophet today, President Thomas S. Monson who guides us in these latter days. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ loves us and they live. 

God loves you and that never changes! Don't forget to look up! I'll write better next time!

Sister Posadas

From MTC with Love

Everything's been AMAZING! The Spirit is so strong here. I don't even know myself anymore haha it was awkward at first being called as Sister Posadas and now I can't even remember my first name. :) There are a lot of missionaries here. Some of them are from different parts of the world like Fiji, Australia, USA, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, etc. That enough is to know that the gospel is all over the world and that the church is true! I am learning SO MUCH here! Missionary work is HARD. You get stressed and frustrated. Haha! But then I'm grateful for all the experiences I have here. It's VERY HUMBLING. I have really learned to RELY on the LORD. A lot of miracles are happening and I've never been happy! I never thought my love would really grow! I realized how selfish I was before but being here at the MTC taught me a lot of things. I don't think of myself anymore but think of others first. My companion is Sister Estrada from Bacolod. She's hilarious and very loquacious! She's charitable and really likes serving. We are helping each other a lot. I love her and I'm loving her more each day! She's going to Canada Calgary mission but temporarily here in QC North. There are 6 of us going to Hong Kong. We're not sure if our visa is already here but wherever the Lord wants us to be, we will go. :) My room mates, Sister Surio and Sister Brizuela, are also very nice and loving.  I love them so much! We really get a long well despite our differences and circumstances in life. It's like I've know them for so long. We're in the same district too. I'm also happy with my district! We are so united that we have matching colors and we eat together every meal.  They're really cool, smart, and talented! They have really strong testimonies of the gospel and it's good to know that we all grew up in the church. Can you imagine what they are like? I'm also learning A LOT from them. They strengthen me and help me improve. I'm so grateful for them. We do our best to OBEY with EXACTNESS and have lotsa fun at the same time! I'm grateful for them and for all the missionaries, teachers, and people I've met here. I love them all. :) Last Sunday, I was the speaker by surprise. I'm just glad the Spirit is teaching me to do what I must do and say also. It's very helpful. We went to the Temple today and it was also a very wonderful spiritual experience. My companion got endowed and she loved it too! The gospel of Jesus Christ is REALLY BEAUTIFUL! It is really true and that's why we're here. I feel so blessed that I have the gospel in my life. Everyone must know of this! :)

Some photos from the best distrcit ever! j3j3j3 we rOck pH0e.. Their testimonies are hard core. They're really a lot of fun too.
Sister Brizuela (from Pangasinan to QCN mission) Sister Surio and Elder Surio (California to QCN and Legaspi) Elder Canlas and Sister Estrada are going to Canada (temporarily QCN), Elder Guanzon (going to Idaho Boise, temporarily QCN) and our district leader, Elder Llanera (will go to Naga mission!) :)