Lunes, Abril 6, 2015

The Last

Akong Gihigugmang Pamilya,

First of all, I would like to congratulate Ayan for receiving his mission call. My companion and I shouted for joy when we learned that he's going to Phils. Cauayan Mission. My companion, Sister Neri, is from Nueva Vizcaya and I've heard so much about Cauayan Mission and how nice the people are there. I've made good friends from people there and I know they're going to take care of you. I am so happy for you. Serving the Lord is a huge blessing and an opportunity of a lifetime. You'll be miraculous, Elder Posadas. 

Today's my last Pday and the past few days have been bittersweet. There's just so much LOVE from the people that I've served here. I'm humbled and grateful for it was such an honor and wonderful privilege to represent my Savior Jesus Christ and bring the gospel to God's children here in Hong Kong. This has been such an unforgettable and remarkable journey and I will live by the things learned here and I will share the stories of faith, love, and hope to my family and future family.

The greatest miracle that happened here in the mission is the change I had in myself. I will never be the same again. I am His greatest investigator here and because of that, I rejoice in our Savior's Atonement. It's redeeming and enabling power is beyond comprehension and I know that it's real and it is for everyone. 

Our Heavenly Father expects us to progress in this mortal world. He will give us all that He has because we are His children born to be kings and queens someday. Thinking of how happy we will live with Him and with our families gives me excitement and is my life's greatest goal. If we want to be in Celestial Kingdom, we need to abide the Celestial Law. We need to be exactly obedient and commit ourselves in following Christ's example, and I will follow Him. 

I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live. They love us with a perfect love. I know that Prophet Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God and I know that Pres. Thomas S. Monson is His living prophet. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord's kingdom once established here on earth in preparatory for the coming of the Messiah and I look forward to that day.

I'm pleased to see my family and watch General Conference with them. Isn't it a great way to start my RM life? I am in His hands. We all are. 

I love you all! Thank you so much! You are the best!

Until we meet again,
Sister Posadas

Lunes, Marso 30, 2015

The Power of Faith

My Dearest Family,

How are you all doing?

I've been studying more about faith and I was reminded again that faith is a gift of God that comes from obedience and yesterday, we learned about the faith cycle that after being obedient, we receive blessings and sometimes we receive trials and that's usually the time that we question God why He gives us trials when we are being obedient and these trials are just blessings that we often fail to recognize because those trials help us rely and be more dependent on God and when we faithfully overcome those with God's help, we gain confidence in God because of His divine help and then our faith increases and also we become more obedient and it's just amazing! We, human, tend to have a lot of doubts and fears but as we put our complete trust and confidence in God, He will help us and we are able to do the things that He wants us to accomplish. He works according to our faith. And faith increases through diligent scripture study, prayer, dedicated service, and obedience to the promptings of the Holy Ghost and to the commandments! How fast those 18 months went by and I remember during my first month, I thought of how hard this mission is and how hard it can even be but eventually, I got used to it haha but it's just a miraculous thing that I was able to survive this long haha but the most important thing was that I was able to learn for myself that no matter what happens, it wouldn't be that hard with God's help as I continue to exercise greater faith in Him. He is always there. He has always been there and will always be there. We learn so much about miracles in the Book of Mormon that were wrought because of great faith. We walk by faith all time. Our probation time here on earth requires a lot of faith for us to be able to come back to our Heavenly Father and I'm grateful being able to invite people to come unto Christ and have faith in Him and in His Atonement. 

I just love the Atonement of our Savior. I will never get tired of talking and sharing about our Savior Jesus Christ and His Atonement until the day I die! My testimony of His Atonement grew even more here and it's something very dear to me and it's the most beautiful gift and the most glorious thing that our Father in Heaven gave and that is just the reason why I'm here to share and invite them to come unto Christ that they too can receive His perfect love and that they too can be forgiven, cleansed, transformed, and be sanctified by His body and blood. 
"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends". (John 15:8). I'm very grateful that He considered me as one of His friends and we are all His friends. Remembering Him and keeping Him in the forefront of my mind and in my life gives me a perfect brightness of hope and I know that despite of my countless weaknesses and imperfections, I can do all things because of Him. I am confident that He will continue to bless me for the rest of my life and help me to be a light to those who are around me as I continue to exercise greater faith and be obedient- there's no other way! :) 

There are countless miracles happening each day that comes because of faith. I'm very grateful for everyday and for everything. I just love being here. I love Hong Kong, the missionaries, the members, and all of those people that we meet. People remind me that I'm coming home soon and when they do remind me, it makes me sad. I know that I will go home with a broken heart missing this mission but I will go home with a happy heart knowing that I've served Him with my very best and I will forever be a missionary!

I know that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live and that They loves us with an infinite love. I know that the gospel is so true! 

Thank you so much. You are such great examples to me! You are amazing and I love you all so much!  

*will be busy next Pday cause it's a statutory holiday! We got to work, work, work even on a Pday! :p

Pa Jimuih / Po Jiemei
Sister Posadas

Linggo, Marso 29, 2015

This is His Work

Ang Aking Minamahal na Pamilya,

It has been a month full of giving talks and signing books of remembrance. People (especially missionaries) have been asking how does it feel that you're almost finishing your mission. Simple, I feel normal. I don't think there's anything different and I guess when you're into the work and you're enjoying it, you won't even feel that your leave date is coming. I love the counsel in D&C 51:17, , And the hour and the day is not given unto them, wherefore let them act upon this land as for years, and this shall turn unto them for their good There's just more to do here and I love it! 

I'm now with my new companion, Sister Neri and she's going to deal with my spasmodic nosebleeds. Companions, don't worry, I'm not dying, I'm normal and fine haha! I've lived with her before and she's a wonderful companion and missionary. She's such an interesting person and I am falling in love with her everyday! It's amazing how there's instant unity and power in our teaching and we both know that it is all because of the Spirit. This week was incredibly fruitful! God has truly placed prepared people in our paths as we allow the Spirit to help us. Last Saturday, my body was aching so bad (signs of aging I guess) and I was pleading with God that He would help me because I can't afford to be sick here and I don't want to decrease my effectiveness in any way possible and with my last Ibuprofen tablet and with God's tender mercies, I was just as energetic enough to do what I should do. What a blessing!

This work is really the Lord's and to be successful, it should be a unified effort of church leaders, members, and missionaries. There's just power when we work shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm. I'm so excited to be a better member-missionary when I get home now that I understand things better! I know that God has sent me in Hong Kong for a such a magnificent reason and I have been unfolding and discovering the 'why' of it in the past few months that I've been here and being here is truly what I need. I'm just happy and grateful everyday despite the odds and oppositions that we all face all day, things will work out as we continue to give our very best each day. Keep the faith. Be believing.

May we all prepare ourselves for the Easter Season and for the upcoming General Conference. I know that the gospel is true! I know that we will prosper as long as we keep His commandments. I know that happiness is the sum of obedience! 

Sister Posadas