Linggo, Marso 29, 2015

This is His Work

Ang Aking Minamahal na Pamilya,

It has been a month full of giving talks and signing books of remembrance. People (especially missionaries) have been asking how does it feel that you're almost finishing your mission. Simple, I feel normal. I don't think there's anything different and I guess when you're into the work and you're enjoying it, you won't even feel that your leave date is coming. I love the counsel in D&C 51:17, , And the hour and the day is not given unto them, wherefore let them act upon this land as for years, and this shall turn unto them for their good There's just more to do here and I love it! 

I'm now with my new companion, Sister Neri and she's going to deal with my spasmodic nosebleeds. Companions, don't worry, I'm not dying, I'm normal and fine haha! I've lived with her before and she's a wonderful companion and missionary. She's such an interesting person and I am falling in love with her everyday! It's amazing how there's instant unity and power in our teaching and we both know that it is all because of the Spirit. This week was incredibly fruitful! God has truly placed prepared people in our paths as we allow the Spirit to help us. Last Saturday, my body was aching so bad (signs of aging I guess) and I was pleading with God that He would help me because I can't afford to be sick here and I don't want to decrease my effectiveness in any way possible and with my last Ibuprofen tablet and with God's tender mercies, I was just as energetic enough to do what I should do. What a blessing!

This work is really the Lord's and to be successful, it should be a unified effort of church leaders, members, and missionaries. There's just power when we work shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm. I'm so excited to be a better member-missionary when I get home now that I understand things better! I know that God has sent me in Hong Kong for a such a magnificent reason and I have been unfolding and discovering the 'why' of it in the past few months that I've been here and being here is truly what I need. I'm just happy and grateful everyday despite the odds and oppositions that we all face all day, things will work out as we continue to give our very best each day. Keep the faith. Be believing.

May we all prepare ourselves for the Easter Season and for the upcoming General Conference. I know that the gospel is true! I know that we will prosper as long as we keep His commandments. I know that happiness is the sum of obedience! 

Sister Posadas

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