Linggo, Oktubre 27, 2013

I'll Go Where He Wants Me to Go

How's everyone been doing there? I heard about the earthquake. :( I hope everything's fine by now. Hopefully. :)

I've been meeting a lot of people lately. I'm happy that our empty area book is now filling up with pages and we've found really good people to teach! It was a challenge at first to talk with everyone but yeah, me and my companion managed that and we even tried talking to some people from Tanzania and East Timor. It was a first time to meet people from those parts of the world! I'm grateful for the members here. They are so supportive and loving. I'm grateful for the friendship we've built with them. I wish I can stay longer here in Macau but I can't because of visa stuff but I'm blessed to be here and to be one of those to start the work here for the Filipinos. They are all amazing! We're planting seeds! I'm making the most of my time here. This is His time, His work and I know He's gonna help us. He always does because He loves us and He is mindful of all His children. :)

My companion and I are doing great! Sister Mabunga is awesome! Miracles are coming our way!!!!!!! I also got a chance to be Sister Larson's companion for a day. She's sweet and amazing too. I learned a lot from her that day. All the other sisters, Sisters Lau, Choi and Chiu are awesome and hilarious! I love them! They've been great examples to me. 

I'm still here in Macau and things have been doing great. Yesterday, President Hawks visited us and told us that the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is now aware of Macau and they have this 8 year vision for it. We only got 2 branches here in Macau. Hopefully in a few years we'll have a district and a building. And in 12-15 years, a temple! Ha! Well, we need a lot of faith and hard work for that. President Hawks also told us missionaries that we should work harder than any other area that they've been but it's my first area so I guess I have to really work hard too. We're doing our best and he said that Macau will  be a jewel in the crown of the Lord. Amazing! In the general conference, they said that this time is a remarkable one in history just like Joseph Smith's first vision, the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, and the building of the first temple. So this time is really something special in the history!!!! No wonder my faith has been tested soooo much! :) but it's all good. This is what my mission president says, "growing pains". I'm grateful for these opportunities to grow in faith to our Savior, Jesus Christ. :)

I love being here!!!! I'm happy everyday! I'm a happy missionary! I'll go where He wants me to go. I'll say what He wants me to say. I'll be what He wants me to be. :)

Live the gospel of Jesus Christ! It's a lifelong commitment and the only way to eternal life. ;)

Thank you for all the letters and emails! Sorry I cant reply to all the email though but I'm trying heehee :(

Love and prayers,
Sister Posadas :)

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  1. Sister Posadas! I will be emailing you when I get to Provo. :)
    I'll be leaving this November. I miss you. :)