Linggo, Pebrero 23, 2014

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Hello hello!
How's everyone doing? Kung Hei Fat Choi! It's the year of the horse and all the fuss for this big event of the Chinese is really fun and interesting. They have a rich culture which fascinates me. 
I remember receiving red pockets from my Chinese relatives in the Philippines before and eating a lot of tikoy during this time of the year. Haha!
We've been very busy especially during the Chinese New Year but we're so grateful for the public holidays because almost all the Filipinos were out and a lot of families at home! Haha!
Great time for finding! It was just a marvelous miracle to see 9 investigators attend sacrament meeting that Sunday. A lot of members brought their friends to church. Yay! Member referrals are the best! Speaking of member referrals, Ruby was baptized yesterday! It was such a priceless,happy moment for her and for the branch (thanks to them for all the love and support too!). Her friend, Luna, who brought her to church gave a talk and she was in tears too. Her testimony was strengthened as she foung joy in missionary work too. It's just awesome to know that Ruby's family in the Philippines went to church that day too because they're supportive of her decision to be baptized. Her husband hasn't been to church for the longest time but he did yesterday
and brought all their three kids!
Stretch your fingers out and put your hand right in front of you then touch your palm with your nose. Can you imagine walking all day, everyday of your life with that kind of view? Well, I can't but most people in this world walk all their life with just that small view not knowing that they can have a clearer view of it. And we, as members of this church, have a bigger view of this entire great picture of life! So why don't we share the restored gospel of Jesus Christ to others! Don't be afraid to share something that is so precious, so beautiful, and is of great worth which can bless their lives too!
I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love you! They are mindful of you all the time. Stay strong and happy!
Fun Facts:
1. We got to see the spectacular fireworks display at the 7th floor of the Wan Chai Church with the members on New Year's. I loved the fireworks but I hate the feeling I get when it's over.
2. We had a Deep Clean on New Year's Day. We cleaned our apartments hard core-- every corner should be clean! It was hardwork. Reminds me how the process of repentance can be and how it can take time and is hard but it's worth all the effort cause it'll be bright, shiny, squeaky clean as brand new again!
3. We are so blessed that we are going to meet an apostle this month and guess who it is... It's Elder Jeffrey R. Holland! 'nuff said. :)
I love you all!!!
Pa Jimuih / Sister Posadas

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