Linggo, Agosto 31, 2014

August is here!

 My Dearest Family,
    How are you all doing? I'm so sorry. My email is short and no-fun at all because of lack of photos! We've been rushing a lot lately during pdays. Don't worry, I'll send a photo probably next week when I'll have more time. It's not that I'm hiding my Dora-like hair because my companion and I chopped it off due to extreme heat. I'm still crazy.
   There have been indeed a lot of miracles as we all worked hard for the 65 baptisms in July and there were really wonderful and inspiring stories of families and individuals that entered into the covenant of baptism! 
   I know I've said this a ton of times before but everyday, I do continue to learn and grow. My testimony has been strengthened so much and the Book of Mormon is indeed a big part of it that is why we really enjoyed the Mission Tour this week with Elder Gong and Elder Wong for it really did inspire, uplift, and motivate us to do and be better. There is indeed a greater desire to repent, change, and be better and really bind ourselves in holiness before God. Sister Mabunga and I were one of those chosen to share our testimonies by surprise. I just can't believe she's leaving soon. I'm really going to cry!  Time jets!
   I was pondering one day and thought that I could've given up long ago because of all the challenges I've faced, am facing and will be facing in the future but I won't and I can't because I love my Savior Jesus Christ. Yes, I love Him. I guess that kind of faith in Him unto repentance is enough to keep us all going. I know that having that testimony and faith in Him is really important for the people that we teach because once we have that, we just have that desire to follow Him no matter what happens. The Atonement fixes everything and it strengthens me each day. He has overcome the world and so will we through Him. Do not ever give up. Don't be discouraged. Satan is happy when you are. I've had a lot of hard and trying times before this mission because of the adversary. Those who have that desire to build God's kingdom are a threat to him. He will try to knock you down if your weaknesses are unguarded so fortify yourselves just like how Captain Moroni is so prepared. Continue to pray, study the scriptures, and attend church. :)
  I feel so blessed to be serving in such a choiced land in this wonderful time with the best mission president and his wife. This experience has changed me. I know I will never be the same again.
I'm grateful for the Spirit that's always guiding me and all of us in this work. I've had a lot of spiritual experiences that I hold sacred and it's just amazing how the Spirit leads us not knowing beforehand the things that we should do. But because it is the right thing, as we courageously follow the promptings of the Spirit, we are led to more miracles and we are changed. Forever.
Fun Fact:
1. Since last month, my companion and I sacrificed something tangible and intangible to bless our missionary efforts even more. And this month, I just said goodbye to my love for sweets! I haven't had ice cream and chocolate for 11 days already and it feels like it's been forever already. Haha. Oh, don't expect me to be skinny.
Sister Posadas

(AUGUST 11, 2014)

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