Linggo, Agosto 31, 2014

Your Faith is a Gift from God

Dear Family and Friends,

How are you? I hope and pray that everything is well with you. July has been a very challenging yet a wonderful month. There are a lot of truly amazing miracle stories from the missionaries here as we worked towards the 65 baptisms in July! One of those that we really caught my attention is one companionship was chased by dogs and even if the dog was already attacking them, they were still contacting and asking the person who's helping them if he's interested to learn about the gospel. Good thing, they're all safe and healthy now! 

The past few weeks have been life changing. I've a lot of spiritual experiences that truly strengthened my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Everyday's a stretch of faith and the truly amazing miracles that happen here are the changes within ourselves. It's a wonderful thing to evaluate ourselves each day and ask, "What have I done today that is moving me towards eternal life?" 

Always know that nobody can take away your faith from you, not even your trials, because your faith is a gift from God. Keep that faith alive! 

I love you all! I'm going to see you all in a bit! ;)

Sister Posadas

(JULY 28 2014)

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