Lunes, Nobyembre 24, 2014

He Blesses the Pure in Heart

Dearest Family,

I love the scripture in Alma 26:7 where it says that "But behold, they are in the hands of the Lord of the harvest , and they are His; and he will raise them up at the last day." This week has been totally miraculous for us! The Lord is really showing His tender mercies and He has prepared and led those who are pure in heart to us.

We had miracles that I want to share with you. First, we have a very golden investigator, Jean, and she's progressing! We could just feel that she is so prepared and is willing to take upon the name of Christ and follow His example to be baptized. She is also a blessing to her member friend who invited her to church because that member is sort of wavering from her faith, she doesn't come to church very often and when she comes, she just attends the sacrament meeting but because of Jean's light and desire to learn more about the gospel. She agreed to come to church with Jean early! She also felt the joy of missionary work as she continues to fellowship Jean during the lessons while her testimony is being rekindled and strengthened as well. She is so excited and happy for Jean's baptism too that among all her friends that she invited to church, at least one's going to be baptized soon. Second, we met a girl named Hazel on the rooftop of the mall (because it's a good finding place for Filipinas!), and we were able to reschedule her for a lesson. She's only free at night so we gave her a church tour and introduced the church's core beliefs and the message of the Restoration and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. She was the one who opened up to us about sensitive issues about her life during the first time we met her. She is so innocent and pure, she doesn't even know how to read the scriptures and she's still very shy to pray but we taught her how and she's been praying and trying to best to read the scriptures. She's really interested to learn more about the church as she continues to ask very good questions about prophets, the law of tithing, families, etc. Third, Jovelyn's baptism pushed through yesterday! We prayed and fasted for it because her employer wasn't not supposed to let her out that day but then, Heavenly Father is really mindful of His children and He answers the prayers that are asked in faith. She was beaming yesterday! The baptismal service was so organized. It was very spiritual and uplifting too. The members thought that she's a member already because she looks and acts truly like a disciple of Christ. 

The power of three is really awesome. I love my companions so much and I am learning a lot from them. I feel like I'm the tallest when I'm with them haha but they are really tall in spirit! I can feel the spirit every time we study, find, plan, and teach as we yield with one another and with the Spirit. We truly have the same purpose and we know it by heart. We also strive to be exactly obedient. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to serve in Peninsula 2nd branch. The members and leaders there are very good and I really felt the spirit strongly there. It seems that they have been doing a very good job as members and I've been praying and thinking of ways how we could also assist them and strengthen the unit. We have a plan to hold a missionary fireside this Sunday. It was our branch mission leader's idea. It was sort of short notice but we hope and pray that it will be well as we want to focus on the retention of recent converts and less actives. Yesterday, there was also a visiting teaching convention in the Relief Society which made me realize how important that calling is so I'm excited to magnify that calling and be an effective visiting teacher by being their friend and helping them grow spiritually.

As I am currently studying the conference talks, I loved President Uchtdorf's talk on "Lord, Is it I?" It's really necessary to evaluate ourselves each day and look within us to know what we did wrong and what we could have improved as we focus on our strengths. I really love that we can have hope because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He loves you and He lives because of you. I know that the gospel is true! I'm grateful for the gifts of the Spirit and the strengths that God has given me to help build His kingdom. You also have yours and I pray that you would continue to seek for more light and develop the gifts that you have and be a light to others- that light will illuminate and bless the lives of others. :) 

I'm excited for Thanksgiving dinner this week! Turkeyyy! :)
Continue to live in thanksgiving daily. :)

Know that I always love you and that you are always in my prayers.

-photos during our Temple day!
-Sister Jovelyn's baptism!
-we have the brightest SMILES, don't you think?

Sister Posadas

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