Linggo, Abril 27, 2014

Get Your Hats On!

We live in an exciting time! Elder Maxwell said that all the easy things have been done and we're in for a high adventure! Eep! So get your hats on! :)))
I don't want to say much today because I'm tired haha always tired that our zone leader thinks we've been working really hard haha ewan ko lang but we're on fire. I'm grateful for all the struggles and success we had. Missionary work is not easy but it will never be hard if we constantly ask for God's guidance and help :)
Here are some photos that I want to share with you... Enjoy! :)
- We baked really good chocolate chip cookies with our mission mom on a Pday :) we also got to bond with her! It was such a sweet treat!
- Additional photos that day goofing around with my girls.. and yeah, Sister Mabunga forced me to take a photo with Captain Jack Sparrow and Bruce Lee. I was too shy on that but hey I like Captain Jack Sparrow! Hahaha!
- Photos during Sister Dea's baptism last week :)))) she's such a sweetheart!!!! She's really a shining light!
- Photos during Sister Elizabeth's baptism yesterday! Finally! After years of waiting and all that she's been through, she was really crying after she arose from the waters of baptism. We only met her thrice before her baptism day but she was just so prepared. She really has a powerful testimony that brought the members and even our branch president in tears during baptismal service. Sweeeeet!
- Random photos with lovely people feeding us hahaha! They're all so nice and loving! :)
- Photo with my comp who's been crying this week- so not ready to go home yet! But hello to lesson 6: TM? haha sige na lang :))
- It's springtime. Flowers bloom everywhere. The sun's not even out. I know the summer heat is on there in the phils! Hmm don't you think me and my comp's name sound spanish? ;)
Anyway, have you seen the General Women's Meeting? Oh how I loved it! My comp and I are so excited to watch it as we've heard really good feedback and yeah, we got to see it more than once this week. It was BEAUTIFUL. I was crying because of the lovely music and I love all the wonderful messages they've shared! I was even imagining that I was watching it with my mom and sisters. Oh, how I miss you girls but I looked around me and I was also surrounded with beautiful women whose faith and strength inspired me a lot. I'm grateful for them and I'm grateful to be His beloved daughter that I was tutored by Him and was perfectly chosen just like you before we all came here on earth. :) I was reminded not to compare (women sometimes are very casual about this). We should relax and rejoice in the differences we have and yes, we truly need each other and we need to LOVE EACH OTHER BETTER, treat every person with love. <3
I also love how it reminded us of who we truly are that we are disciples of Jesus Christ, we are covenant making people, and we should help others-- ALL of God's children walk through that same covenant path also so that we can go back to Heavenly Father's presence someday! :) that's what we're all working on and even if people seem uninterested with what we have to say, we never keep trying!
Countless miracles each week. My heart is swelling with gratitude and joy! I'm grateful to be serving here especially in Victoria 2nd and Island 2nd branch. I love them all!!!!! :)))
I testify that we really have one amazing and awesome God.
I'm excited for General Conference week! Come and listen to modern day prophets!
I love you all.
Thank you for the package! So funny mom and ate love! Thank you, thank you!
Congratulations for all those who've graduated and passed licensure exams! Rock and roll!
...and happy 24th year mom and dad! An eternity to go!!! :)
Until we meet again,
Sister Posadas

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