Linggo, Abril 6, 2014

Let Me Give You One More Thing

Sa Aking Minamahal na Pamilya,
Kamusta kayong lahat? I'd like to share a few of my experiences with you. There are actually a lot but I hope these few ones will lif you up!
A few weeks ago, Sister Mabunga and I were praying for a service opportunity and we didn't know that it would come our way on one Saturday afternoon. I'm sorry but I have to admitted that there are times that I'd think how this work can be so tiring and when I get home, I'd love to have a full body massage, sleep all day, all week long haha but that wouldn't seem to work out for me though but during our last zone training, President Hawks said that when we our tired, the Lord would say, "Let me give you one more thing to do". It had been a busy week though and that afternoon when we were finding with one of our valiant branch missionaries, Lynnette. We were led to this woman who's waiting for her friend. She was really upset because she got terminated from her employer and really doesn't know where to go. It took some time to build a relationship of trust with her but she then came with us to church and attended the sacrament meeting. Her friend didn't show up so we volunteered to help her with all her luggage as we took them from the agency to the shelter where she's supposed to stay for the night. She had so many bags and we had to carry them from a distance and even through the staircases because there was no elevator. I never thought I'd be lifting weights in my mission but that wasn't the first time but this was far more the toughest and it was just me, Sister Mabunga and this woman we've met. It was tiring but then I remembered again, "Let me give you one more thing to do". I know it was God's hands helping me carry all those huge stripe bags step by step down the stairs. He's also the one who led us to those who are in need. When we got her there, her friend already showed up and she was really grateful that she was in tears for what we've done for her because we were total strangers to her but she felt that she needed to come with us. Sister Mabunga and I felt at peace and happy that night :)
Sister Mabunga's transferred to Macau again. How could she?!!! The Ma-Pa (our chinese names) tandem is gone. We really know each other so well and it sometimes gives me a glimpse of married life. It's fun, wonderful, and sometimes annoying haha but we've been to a lot together. I'm grateful for her. She has a big heart for everyone. She's really awesome even if she feeds me a lot heehee. She's the funniest too! So I got a new compy, it's Sister Lopez from Bicol!!! I got to live with her before so I know her already. She's a lot of fun too and I am learning a lot from her as she's very experienced in the mission. She's so pro in teaching too! No doubt about that. Guess what, she's the one who trained Sister Mabunga and she's leaving in a few weeks. Noooo. Sad how it all comes to an end. :( why do all my comps have to leave me? -_-
Dea's baptism happened this week! It was wonderful! It was very spiritual and she just has this very strong testimony and she's so happy that she's baptized already. She's even a missionary already because she has shared the gospel to her employer and friends. She's a light! We, the missionaries, sang I Know That My Redeemer Lives in 3 languages: English, Tagalog, and Cantonese!! The Tagalog really goes right into the heart. Oh how I love that hymn!
Missionary work is full of heartaches, it is difficult and tiring, it is a pit of temptation. It is leaving and letting go, it's interdependence. It is all about faith and hope. It is sowing seeds of faith. In missionary work, CHANGE is possible. It is a work of miracles! In missionary work, you are never alone. I'm so grateful for this opportunity. I'm not a perfect teacher.
This week's really a test of faith for me. For every heartache, I try to tap my shoulder and say, "Remember the Atonement of Jesus Christ". And that just comforts me instantly... :)
The Will of God video in Mormon channel is one of my all time faves! I hope you take time to watch it this week.
Watch out next week's update: Sister Elizabeth's going to be baptized! Awesome photos too! Hahaha!
Mahal na mahal ko kayong lahat.
Hanggang sa muli,
Sister Posadas

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