Linggo, Mayo 18, 2014

I should've sent this last week..

..but the send button didn't work. So here it is!
We just had a wondeful district conference and we got to listen to testimonies of the youth which strengthened us as well. There were really a lot of wonderful and uplifting messages. It was such a blessing and we're happy that our investigators got to enjoy it too! God is really with us if we only take time to recognize every little thing He does for us. His manifestations of love are all around us.
Sister Balubal and I are doing great. I love her. I've learned so much from her too. She's super amazing and we're enjoying how busy we are despite all the struggles and we do our very best to be exactly obedient. Everyday has been miraculous. It's funny how we get to practice cooking too!

I just want to share this verses from John 15 in the bible which has helped me as well here..

 18 If the world ahate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.
 19 If ye were of the aworldthe world would blove his own: butbecause ye are not of the world, but have chosen you out of theworld, therefore the world hateth you.
 20 Remember the word that said unto you, The aservant is not greater than his lord. If they have bpersecuted me, they will alsopersecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.
I love our Savior, Jesus Christ. Everything was made possible because of Him. Everyday I continue to learn more from Him. Oh how I love the Book of Mormon! I happened to have a lot of favorite scripture verses now but what I love the most is the front cover of the Book of Mormon which says, Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Indeed, it is true. I testify of it.
By the way, this week Sister Helen got baptized. She really has a powerful testimony. I've learned a lot from her humility and desire to really follow our Savior.
I hope all is well at your end. Life's a struggle haha but seek to take counsel from Him.
Hope you enjoy the photos. Mahal ko kayong lahat. I am praying for all of you everyday!
Sister Posadas

Fun Facts:
1. We always get to see the Asia Area Presidency most of the time-- at the lift, or we encounter them in the building. :) 
2. Watch this cool video when Elder Holland visited Asia:
3. There's this young couple from India who joined us for family home evening in the branch. It's amazing how they traveled all the way to Hong Kong to be sealed in the temple and they sat right in front of me, my companion, and our investigator. What a distraction! Haha. Our investigator appreciated how they were so happy and inlove! Such a beautiful couple! :)

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