Linggo, Mayo 18, 2014

No One Ever Talks About Mothers Without Crying

That's what happened yesterday after we all shared our fondest and most cherished memories with our mothers at Tuesday Family's RS activity as they celebrate Mother's Day this week! Last Sunday, Brother King, the first counselor in the branch presidency said that it's really different here because children don't have their mothers with them and the mothers in the branches I serve don't have their children with them too. We all feel the same way but we are grateful for our mothers and for all the motherly love we feel here!
I love these!! These are short but very touching video clips about mothers!
I hope you all get to thank the women who love, mentored, and mothered you. It seems to be that every woman has that divine nature, intrinsic nurturing love a mother can have. The world is such a beautiful place because of them and their influence is so strong. Motherhood is indeed the holiest and highest calling. I am grateful for all of the wonderful examples of women around me here in my mission and even before I came here. I have aunts who cared for me like a mother, they were there in the details of my life. I also have a great mom who always wants the best for me and she has unlimited reminders and I've seen her selfless service throughout the years. I have leaders, teachers, cousins, and friends who mentored, loved, and mothered me as well. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be who I am today. "Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a mother", right? I just made ithis short because when we talk about mothers, it's just goes on and on...
I'm grateful and happy to be a missionary! Before, I already learned to mother my siblings, friends, and the youth in our ward but never did I know that I'd be able to grow more from this God-given talent of nurturing as I mothered my companions, other missionaries, investigators, and the members here. I've learned a lot from our investigators who are mothers and as they learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they also develop a desire to share this to their families because they want them to be happy and to be with them forever. They really have that wisdom and that motherly love like Eve has because they too have that desire to come back to Heavenly Father's presence someday. Isn't that beautiful? There is so much love in this world! We are fully embraced in His love!
I won't forget my mom's reaction when I told her I've finally decided to serve a mission after months of her bugging me and I wanted to act immediately on that answer from my prayers. My mom was just so happy. She accompanied me to the dentist and doctor and even gave me cash with no reason haha! She just knows that this is the best decision I could ever make and I'm so happy to give my 18months to Him.
Continue to let your light so shine beloved daughters of God! You are beautiful. You are amazing!!!!
Just like the children of the valiant mothers in the Book of Mormon, "We do not doubt our mothers knew it".
More work to do. More love to give.
Have a great week! Happy Mother's Day! I love you all!
Sister Posadas
PS Check out #ToOurMothers- It's a China Hong Kong Mission Mother's Day thing!

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