Sabado, Hulyo 19, 2014

"This journey is not for the weak"

...that was a one liner from President Hawks' text message this week that struck me real hard.
Can I just express how I love you all so much my dearest eternal family?? Thank you for all the great news and wonderful emails- for all the powerful testimonies, wonderful experiences, new babies, and new missionaries! It's really exciting! You really bring glad tidings to my heart. You are an inspiration to me. We are all working together hastening His work of salvation. Isn't that fantastic? :)
I think this week has been the hardest week in my entire mission. I hope I haven't said that before. Haha! Just give a good laugh for myself because I'm so Filipino! :) I'm grateful because this week we were able to visit the Temple and Pres. Wong was so nice to have a special session for the missionaries to watch the new film. It was a wonderful experience and I knew that that Temple visit was very timely for me because I needed some spiritual strength and instruction. :)
Amidst all, I still got some happy news! Our zone has been working real hard and we exceeded our monthly goal of baptisms and we contributed half of the baptisms of the entire mission which is 22! Despite having three different languages in our zone, we are all united to our purpose. There were a lot of miracles like families of our investigators in the Philippines and those who are in mainland China have been taught too.
One of our investigators is going to be baptized on Wednesday. Sister Meflo is just golden. She agrees in everything that we teach her because she knows that it is true and she knows that is for her own good. She is very willing to obey to all of God's commandments. She is very submissive to His will and I've learned so much from her example. I have learned from our Savior's example of perfect obedience to the will of the Father. I tell myself everyday, "I surrender. I won't fight anymore. My will is His now."
I just love this verse in Psalms 40:8, "I delight to do thy will. O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart".
Hooray to the sanctification of hearts to God!
Have a wonderful week ahead!
Sister Posadas

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