Sabado, Hulyo 19, 2014

Mahal ko kayo!

Dearest Family,

I love you! What more can I say? :) 

The work in the International Zone here especially us, the Tagalog speaking missionaries, is a bit strange, it isn't normal actually. We go finding in the morning, sometimes the whole day at the same place. We attend church whole week long and we study during the night. We rarely are transferred also but I'm grateful for this kind of work because we get to help and witness those whom we've taught and were baptized grow in the gospel! Yesterday, I was happy to see that five of our recent converts attended Gospel Principles class together with our new investigators after sacrament. It's good that I just need to remind them and not drag them into class haha but I really love them all! I've been praying for charity with all energy of heart this week and it has worked wonders really!

Last Saturday, we had the peak service at Wan Chai church. We celebrate the 65th anniversary when Hong Kong was dedicated for missionary work. It was a remarkable experience! Heavenly Father's promises are sure! The work here is evidently growing and the gospel is indeed spread through every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. Missionary work is so important! :)

I love our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ so much that I want to be with them forever.  Of course, I want to live with them with all of you and all of God's children. 

Photos below during Lyrma and  Lyn's baptism last month. It was amazing! Also our Pday with Elizabeth, our recent convert. Yeah, I started playing basketball at the MTC. Seriously, this mission has changed me.

Sister Posadas

Fun Facts:
1. Our name tags are powerful- it attracts members because they like taking photos with us so funny! It sometimes scares people we meet in the streets too!
2. I will never forget the time my companion left me in the kitchen to cook for the entire week with an invisible cook book in my head (I was thinking of Chemistry!) but hey, I learned best from it.

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