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Honoring Priesthood Keys

Sa Aking Minamahal na Pamilya,
How's everyone doing? Sister Lyrma got baptized this week! It was awesome! She's really a light and she has such a wonderful spirit. I love her and all the members here.
I was able to attend Relief Society Class 4 times this week with our investigators and I just loved the lesson about honoring priesthood keys. I just love the priesthood power and authority God gives to man to act in all things for the salvation of man. In my mission, there's a scarcity of priesthood holders in the branches I serve so I got to appreciate it even more and all those wonderful men holding that authority. Heavenly Father indeed taught me here that I should be with a worthy priesthood holder right after my mission, haha. He is so smart! His wisdom is infinite. I totally submit my will to His hands! :))))
I heard that in some part of the world women are screaming to have that priesthood authority -_-
I'm grateful and blessed all my life to be one of those partakers of this special power through those worthy priesthood holders of the church and I testify that only The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints holds that authority necessary for our salvation. Everyone can preach the gospel but not everyone has the authority.
I love this video. You should definitely watch this!and take time to ponder, ponder, ponder :)
I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God. I love him. I've learned so much from him. I know that the priesthood keys have been restored through him in these last days and there will never ever be a time of apostasy again. I know that we have a living prophet today, President Thomas S. Monson, who holds all the priesthood keys just like Peter did, one of the original twelve apostles, that Jesus Christ' gave the priesthood authority.
Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. He is the truth but he was opposed. The truth is always opposed. And it wasn't easy for him.
Joseph Smith knew the truth, he was an instrument to restore the truth and he too was opposed. The truth is always opposed. He went through a difficult life.
As members and missionaries, we know the truth and there might be times that what we know is true have been opposed, we should always defend our faith with courage and courtesy! He is hastening the work of salvation! Ga yauh!
I love our Savior Jesus Christ. I know that He lives and He loves us.
I am always praying for all of you. I love you!
Sister Posadas
Fun Facts:
1. Last zone training, some of the elders got themselves Balot and ate it during our break. It was just funny! I never thought Balot would be so disgusting but they made it! Hooray!
2. Most watched video: The Restoration video in TAGALOG!!! You bet we memorized the lines already!

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