Linggo, Pebrero 1, 2015

Embark in the Service of God

Hello everyone! I love you so much!

I just want to share this link from this year's mutual theme for the youth that I found and I hope you can find time to read through the counsel from church leaders and enjoy this short video clip:

It's really a sacred and wonderful privilege to serve God and His children and I know that we can do it in our own ways as we do our part to give our all, our heart, might, mind, and strength in service, we can change the world and most importantly, we, ourselves our changed in the process. 

We went to the Temple last week and I've learned a lot being in this mission. I'm also grateful for the faith of the members here. They really are pressing forward as they stay to live a virtuous life and make it a commitment to be able to attend the Temple at least once a month and help their deceased ancestors. Their examples have taught me a lot and strengthened me as well. When a member of the church doesn't only practice their religion through lip service but live the gospel by heart and truly act as a true disciple of Jesus Christ inspires us missionaries and I know that they're making so much difference in this world and in hastening the work of salvation

May we always find joy in being able to serve and may we always remember the two greatest commandments. 
I'm pretty busy so sorry for not being able to email much. I'm happy as always!

Sister Posadas

*district photos during Temple Day and Elder Townsend, our district leader has a selfie stick! :)

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