Linggo, Pebrero 1, 2015

Scatter Sunshine

Dearest Family,

Sister Aro and I struggled this week but it was wonderful to meet President and Sister Hawks.When President Hawks asked us, "How are you doing?" We instantly replied, "Great!" (because we always have that mindset that everyday is going to be great!) but we couldn't trick him because his next question is, "How are you doing really?" :) 

Sister Hawks and I just got emotional and she remembers when I just barely got here and she even asked me about my future plans ^o^ and she just reminded me to be where the Lord can find you and it's going to happen so fast. 
How I just love them and I am grateful for their example and the influence they've had on me. This mission is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life and I've never worked hard before but this has been the happiest time of my life and the most fulfilling, and definitely a defining moment. 
My companion already knew me before she came to Hong Kong because she was acquainted with Elder Posadas and she tried to searched me on the internet, how embarrassing I thought but she said she was surprise that I was just different and that I've changed from those photos. So true! I'm grateful for Sister Aro and I've seen her grow as she leads our companionship. She's like my two younger sisters rolled into one and we've seen so much miracles together and we are enjoying the work as we are united in our purpose and we find joy in this work of salvation. We're always on LSS with the hymn, Scatter Sunshine because that's just what we do! 

In conclusion, I gave a talk on the Restoration and like what the prophets have said, it's not something that has happened but we are living on it right now and isn't it amazing how we are enjoying the fruits of the Restoration and we are so blessed with it! The most important truth revealed which is also the very core of the gospel is the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ that simply encompasses everything. How grateful I am for it. It's very humbling and amazing how the Lord helps us in this work. may we always remember Him. He is there. He is always there for you.

Mom and Dad, I always mention it in my talks how grateful I am for the both of you because I couldn't be where I am at without you. Thank you so much for being an example of being obedient to God's commandments and of living the gospel! I love you both! Yesterday, it was the couple missionaries, Elder and Sister Stott's 51st wedding anniversary then I remembered you, please wait for me til you celebrate your 25th anniversary! :)

This is something that I included in my talk which really struck me:
I can live with some human imperfections, even among prophets of God—that is to be expected in mortal beings. I can live with some alleged scientific findings contrary to the Book of Mormon; time will correct those. And I can live with some seeming historical anomalies; they are minor in the total landscape of truth. But I cannot live without the doctrinal truths and ordinances restored by Joseph Smith, I cannot live without the priesthood of God to bless my family, and I cannot live without knowing my wife and children are sealed to me for eternity.

May we all scatter sunshine, share the wonderful message of the Restoration as we live it through our examples, all along your way and to cheer and bless, and brighten every passing day! 

Sister Posadas

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