Linggo, Disyembre 29, 2013

Heaven's at Hand

Yesterday, I gave a talk about Peace of Conscience (it's actually my 4th time to give a talk as a missionary. First one's at the MTC) and found Elder Richard G. Scott's talk helpful. I just felt prompted to share it to you because of what's been happening to the Philippines lately. I heard it's the strongest typhoon in the world and that almost 10k lives were lost and so many are suffering and afflicted. I was thinking, crying, and praying about it the other night because of such tragedy. I know so many right are now are having a very difficult time because they don't have peace of mind. For many, relief and happiness can come by understanding the relationship between peace of conscience and peace of mind. Peace of mind is caused by external factors such as economic pressures, calamities, and the like but don't worry, it is TEMPORARY and TRANSITORY. Yes it gives temporary anxiety and distress but it can be resolved by the factors that caused it but not so with a troubled conscience, which is unrelenting, ever present, a constant reminder to correct past mistakes, to make peace with someone you've offended or repent from past transgressions. It's just so hard to have a disturb conscience but peace of conscience is just the essential ingredient to one's peace of mind. Peace of conscience is something really important for us to obtain and it can only be gained by living a righteous life and by obeying God's commandments. It's the foundation of happiness and it's only you who can work on it because it has something to do with your inner self and to let go of all the negative things and to trust in Him. So if you want to be happy? Have peace of conscience and you can find it only through our Savior, Jesus Christ and in His Atonement and by living His gospel. :) I know there's a lot of work to do in the Philippines by helping the victims, giving them comfort, and starting again from zero but in due time, I know it will all be fine. God loves all His children. I'm grateful to hear that you have been helping in giving relief to our dear brothers and sisters. You will truly be blessed for your service. :)

I'm excited for our investigator, Brother R's baptism. He is too and his excited about the priesthood too. We've also extended baptismal dates to Sisters and D and J. The work here continues and I've learned a lot from our Zone Training. President Hawks is really called of God. It's just amazing to think that I can't imagine I survived all the demands of missionary work. Everything's just possible because of the Lord's help. It's crazy and beautiful and I love it! :) 

*photos from Pday at the Venetian with the English&Cantonese speaking sisters
*with my fave lunch buddies- Sister Choi and Sister Chui, so fun!! 
*with the elders going back to Macau from our HK u-turn

Please teach me how to speak Ilocano haha. We have investigators speaking Ilocano! 

Sister Posadas

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