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The Reason For This Season

Sa Aking Minamahal na Pamilya,

How are you all doing there? I miss you! Especially now that Christmas is coming! Teehee! Guess what, I'm reunited with my mother/trainer, Sister Mabunga here in HK. I'm so excited to be working with her again! We enjoy each others company so much being miracle workers and working on being powerful servants/missionaries! We'll be talking a lot today for sure and it's wonderful news to be hearing about the people they've baptized in Macau! We're getting ready for Jaycel and Carol's baptism this month. It's not all about baptisms, it's helping them to be converted in the gospel and help them enter the gates to the Celestial Kingdom. We also have this goal in the branches where I serve to help the recent converts to stay active in the church and help them "dress in white twice" and that is to help them stay active in the church and help them prepare to enter the temple and receive their endowments. I work with two branches here and the branch missionary leaders are just amazing! They're all women though because our branch is made up of mostly women! Hooray for girl power haha!
Being here in Hong Kong serving the people has really helped me a lot. God really is indeed mindful of all His children because it is only here in HK where The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints hold church services from Tuesdays-Sundays because God knows the circumstances of His children and He understands them that's why He made a way for them to go to church because the work schedules of the overseas Filipino workers here are far different from the usual ones. It's really awesome to hear the talks more than once a week and you learn something new the next time you hear it! And I'm going to be a speaker twice next week! It was also fast and testimony meeting all week long and I am blessed and grateful to hear testimonies from the sisters here which were really edifying and uplifting. Life's not been smooth sailing for them but because of their faith in Jesus Christ and because they are doing their best to live the gospel in their life, they have been surely blessed. I have learned so much from the members here. They are strong and courageous women. They are also very faithful and they're doing their best for their families and I do feel that they really want to be with their families. Wonderful testimonies all week long but it doesn't mean that we, missionaries, get to fast all week long! Haha!
I've seen God's hand everyday as He helps us with His work. It's just amazing how God gives us a chance to make a difference. He could do it all Himself, but He chooses to let us, imperfect as we are (imperfect and weak as I am!), to try our best while He makes up the rest. Our zone training taught us to be consecrated missionaries and that is to always remember our purpose in EVERYTHING that we do and that's what I'm working on... "consecration" ha! Big word! It was also said before by a mission president, "many are called but few are truly obedient".
I started reading one chapter in Luke each day and I get to finish it before Christmas! It tells about the events of Jesus Christ when He was here on earth. The Book of Mormon also testifies a lot about our Savior, Jesus Christ. Get to know Him better and try to be like Him each day and give a piece of yourself to others. Always remember the reason for this season, my loves!
Fun/weird/just-so-you-know facts:
1. My companions are hardcore native tagalog speakers and I tried studying the Tagalog Preach My Gospel and I understood it better but the words are kind of deep, right? Sister Capucion the other day said, "malagatis ang kanin" and I was like, "what in the world is malagatis?!" >:D
2. There are more mobile phones than human beings here in HK that's why we have Online Elders here. Yes, the Lord is indeed hastening His work! People are so techy here!
3. The International/Filipina sisters have no boundaries. As long as there are Filipinos, it's still our area. ;)
4. Some Chinese people have been approaching me since I got in HK. I think they're asking for directions. I feel bad I can't help them. All I say is I don't know in Cantonese! Heee! I swear, I am Filipino and I look like one.
I love you all. Have a blessed week!
Sister Posadas
(This email was sent last December 9, 2013)

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