Linggo, Disyembre 29, 2013


My dearest loved ones,
Hello! How's everyone doing? I'm already here in Hong Kong! Last week's been busy because of moving in here and moving into a new apartment and I now live with Filipina sisters. It's been a great week here in Hong Kong. It's totally different from the work in Macau but it's still missionary work though, it's amazing to participate in this great and marvelous work! This is just fantastic, happy news we share!
My last week in Macau was full of miracles. Sister Mabunga and I were able to teach a family! Yay! They're only having a vacation in Macau though but they are also listening to the missionaries in the Philippines. We also went family finding and it's amazing how God leads us to them. Less-active finding and reactivation with the members was also great! And being able to see these souls back to church is priceless! What I also love the most here in the mission is being able to see the faces of our investigators and others beam with light and their contenance change as they start to grow in faith, change, and draw themselves closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ. Their hearts are just soften with His gospel. Yay! We also had our Zone Conference and I personally learned so many things that I need to apply. I love how we should be grateful in ALL things, both the good and bad. Everyday is just beautiful and you see everything in a brighter light and you are much happier. One thing I also learned is to seek and willing to accept corrections. It takes heaps of humility! But it helps you grow more and as I struggle here, I rely more on the Lord and it has brought so much miracles here in the mission field. I'll surely miss Macau and all the people there! I miss them already! Happy to see that one of our investigators emailed me today. Yay!
So I have a new companion, Sister Capucion from Quezon province. She's super sweet, diligent, and obedient. Haha! She's a wonderful companion and I love her. We were able to visit the Temple last week and it was just an awesome experience to be there and to receive revelation and it really strengthened me. One of the highlights this week is Sister Susan's baptism! She called Friday night and she said she wants to be baptized this Sunday and she doesn't want to extend it anymore. Her friend who referred her to the church flew all the way from the US to baptize and confirm her. It was really special and spiritual. Sister Susan's amazing too! I finally met the members here in Hong Kong. There are so many Filipina sisters here and they're all so nice!! I can't wait to get to know them better! I'm still struggling memorizing all their names haha! The members and even our investigators also helped in packing relief goods for those who are victims from the Typhoon Yolanda. I hope and pray everyone's coping up with the tragedy.
It's almost Christmas!!! Yay! I'm praying for all of you and I love you!
Fun/weird/just-so-you know fact for the week:
1. The worst thing a missionary can eat in Macau is Durian. hahaha!

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