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Merry Christmas

I was supposed to send this last week but oh well, here it is... :)
Dear Family and Friends,
    Merry Christmas! This is my favorite time of the year but things are tough (hard!!) haha but remember what Pres. Monson shared during the genereal conference:
"Good timber does not grow with ease. The stronger the wind, the stronger the trees. The further sky, the greater length. The more storm, the more strength. By sun and cold, by rain and snow, in trees and men good timbers grow." -Douglas Maloch "Good Timber" (Pres Monson, Oct 2013) ....so all these hard times are the perfect times for us to grow! :)

    The past two weeks, I had an experience to teach someone without a Christian background. I thought I'd never have that kind of experience because that's only common to Chinese work but when it's least expected to happen, it did and I just can't escape it haha! I just trusted the Spirit to guide me and yes, there are still a lot of people who don't know who Jesus Christ is. We're so blessed to know him and recognize Him as our Savior and that He is the reason why we celebrate this season. I'm grateful for the Indonesian sisters who helped me during the lesson and they were my translators. :)

    It's Christmas party week and Christmas devotional all week long until the 25th! It's exciting! Christmas songs all around!Sometimes when I'm feeling selfish by being homesick for Christmas, I think of the other sisters who are working here and are far from their families. I'll just be away from home for two Christmases and it's not that bad. This is just the best opportunity to serve others here and always have the Spirit of Christ. I love our Savior, Jesus Christ! He who is the greatest made Himself the least. He truly loves us all. And the hard times we have are just an itsy bitsy piece of what He has done for us. There's this American sister who attended church and the party last week, she sang, O Holy Night, and explained how she loved the third verse. Listen to the lyrics of the third verse. It's so beautiful and it brought us all to tears! She had an experience in China that her passport was stolen which caused her trouble but she turned the outward Christ and understood that the one who stole that is a slave and is having a harder time. I come to think of our Savior and for ALL that He has done for us. He submitted willingly to His Father. May we always remember His love and sacrifice for us. He is the Prince of Peace! Oh come, let us adore Him! :)
THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are all awesome! I love you! Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, they love you! May we all have an unforgettable and an uplifting Christmas!!!!
Dad, I can't be with the family to sing your traditional Away in a Manger with the action but every time I hear it makes me feel like crying. I miss you and I love you all! :)
*Attached are some Christmas photos and selfies, sarreh can't help it >:)))

Sister Posadas

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