Linggo, Hunyo 22, 2014

Ni hao!

Ni hao! 
This week I learned a lot of new things- even learning a new language because I went to Mandarin work during exchanges. I love exchanges! It was pretty scary at first but it was really fun. Sister Law who's from Hong Kong was my companion. She's too cute, too pink, and too animated! She's awesome. She taught me how to introduce myself and pray in Mandarin. We also got to teach children and a family! I can really feel the Spirit as Sister Law teaches and she's so excited about the message we share! I really can't understand everything but I do feel it. It was wonderful. Sister Law's also so loving and she acts like a mom. So I thought, this mission is indeed teaching us to be better moms in the future. Yeah right. :)) haha!

Sister Lyrma, one of our amazing investigators, is going to be baptized next week! She's so excited! I'm also so happy and grateful that her family in the Philippines has been visited by the missionaries already. I'm so happpppyyyyyy!!!!! 

We also had a wonderful time at the Temple yesterday and we toured our investigator, Lyn. She will be baptized soon! We're so happy that the members can participate and enjoy the blessings of the Temple on a Sunday! I'm also happy that the recent converts in our branch also had a very spiritual experience at the Temple. They want to do it all over and over again. :) President Wong, the new temple president, shared how it all happened that the Temple was made open on a Sunday. It was really a beautiful manifestation of how God is mindful of us individually. He cares for this 400+ sisters as much as He loves the other 15 million members out there. He just loves ALL His children! I know that Heavenly Father loves me. When I prayed about where I'll be assigned, I pleaded that He would put me in a place where the Temple is nearby. He hears and answers our prayers. I know that He loves you. I know that He loves all His children and what's important to you is also important to Him. 

Why Religion Matters: (Because it gets me frustrated when people say, "all religion are the same. It's not religion that's gonna save you" -_-)

Happy Father's Day by the way! My dad is the best dad in the world hahaI do appreciate all the things that he has done for me and for the family. I love him so much. Need I say more? Forever, the daddy's girl.

Hope you enjoy the photos! I love my companion, Sister Cubelo! I'm so blessed to have her! 

I love you all too! Have a wonderful week!

Until we meet again,
Sister Posadas

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