Linggo, Setyembre 21, 2014


Dearest Family,
Earlier, my new companion, Sister Serrano and I went to the Venetian to have lunch with our branch president and his wife in hong kong, and after they left and the other missionaries, we went to the Transformers 30th anniversary expo. It was something that she really wanted to visit on a Pday and of course, I'm game for that. I wish Aj was there with us, he'll definitely love all the cool things we've seen. :)
It has been a good week. I can't believe that I'm already a week old here in Macau. It's a blessing to be back here in my first area and see the growth that took place. There are now 3 branches here (2 chinese branches and one international branch where I'm serving right now). I was surprised that the members were happy to have me back here and they still remember me. One of the members, Sister Aurora, was smiling at me when I was teaching with Sister Serrano in Gospel Principles Class and she said that she was happy to see me grow and mature and that I'm totally different now and it amazes her what a mission could do for someone. I thought of it for a while and yes, I definitely am not the awkward new missionary when I first started haha but maybe I couldn't really notice the changes within me but I do feel that everyday, I continue to learn and grow as I fulfill my purpose and serve God with all my heart, might, mind, and strength each day. As I read through the pages of my journal, I've seen how God has helped me all along the way and His children and how he molded and transformed me to be who I am right now. I'm very grateful for this opportunity of a lifetime.
Sister Serrano is super awesome! I love her. She is love! She's someone I would want to keep forever! We get along well and she would let me eat my lettuce and fruits haha. We were companions for a day before on exchanges and she knew Elder Posadas who served in her ward before. I've learned so much from her example. As a missionary, she strives to be exactly obedient and diligent. She is also a very good Sister Training Leader. All the other sisters that I live with are so fun to be with. I love them and all the other missionaries here in Macau are also very diligent and happy! It's so fun to be working with them.
I am very excited to find more people to teach. I'm very tan right now because it's very hot and humid out here and they say that it's the darkest hour in the mission (literally dark in color). Sister Serrano and I have been doing a lot of finding, reactivation, and also strengthening the unit we're serving as well. The members are really nice!!! I love them. Macau looks babylon-ish with all the great and spacious buildings but it is a beautiful place and I know that there are truly a lot of good people out there who are prepared to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ because it is something that we all NEED in this life and that is why we're here as missionaries. :)
Keep the updates coming. I love to hear from you every week.
Thanks for everything. I love you all. God bless!
Until we meet again,
Sister Posadas

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