Linggo, Setyembre 28, 2014

What A Week

Sa Aking Mga Minamahal,
We went to a buffet earlier at Galaxy with some of the missionaries and it was fun. Sister Serrano couldn't believe that I could eat a lot. Well, I'm grateful that my tummy is expandable (only if I want to) and I've learned how to prove my parents and relatives before mission that I'm worth it to be brought in a buffet meal. It was really worth it and one of the best things as a missionary here in Macau is the buffet! It was so so good! And I don't think I'll ever eat for the rest of my mission haha jk we still have a dinner appointment/FHE tonight. :)
Okay, it's been really great working with Sister Serrano. She is so wise. She is so prepared to be a wife and a mom someday! We can also talk about everything but we have goals to be really focused with our purpose. We need to avoid distractions and be exactly obedient. President Hawks wants us to be full-purposed missionary. This week, we got a chance to be interviewed by our mission president and his wife. It's amazing how he knows us individually. He knows our needs. He can discern us so well that he knows the gifts that we have that we aren't aware of. I just love them!
Sister Serrano and I were able to extend 3 baptismal dates this week in one lesson. We were teaching three people at that lesson and yesterday morning, we had a wonderful experience with two of our investigators and with some members. Sister Aurora, a member called us and was asking for a priesthood blessing. We tried to contact the elders and they said that it would be best if a member would be the one to give it to them and so we were able to contact a worthy brethren who can do the blessing for our investigator, Kelvin. He wasn't feeling well. He couldn't move half of his body and Sister Aurora was the member who referred them (with his mom) and she has such faith too! Brother Edward, a member, was so happy to give him a priesthood blessing but before that, he asked Kelvin questions like "Do you believe in Jesus Christ?", "If God doesn't allow you to be healed, will you still continue to love Him?" etc. and he said YES to all his questions. We personally felt that Kelvin was so full of faith and after the prayer, he was sobbing in tears. The Spirit was just so strong and all of us who were there were also in tears. :) I have deep appreciation for the priesthood power and for worthy priesthood holders and I know that the church is true!
I'm in a rush!
With love unfeigned,
Sister Posadas

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