Linggo, Setyembre 21, 2014

Happy September First!

Last Pday, we went out as a district. The elders finally decided to join us to do something fun haha! Yay for the Tagalog/Island District!

Isn't that a beautiful place? It was really reverent there and we're so happy we got to visit it! This is where the first baptism in Hong Kong and in China was held in 1950 in a cold winter. The story that took place here was really amazing!

​ Tadaaaaa! We were lost. After going to Nan Lian Gardens, we thought of going back home because we didn't know where to find the place but a miracle happened, we met a group of sister missionaries who also went to that place and they gave us some instruction. They told us that it's just a 10 minute walk and after ten minutes, we're not there yet. :)))) 

Just a few group photos to share. I got tons in my camera! Effort much pala magpost this way! Do you think we need a selfie stick next time? Haha.

The work is great! We are enjoying and enduring well! It's never easy but it's worth it! Don't you just love being a disciple of Jesus Christ?

For this week, I want to share this article that I just read and it I loved it so much and I had a stronger desire to gain more light! Please take time to read this.

Continually ask yourselves the question, "Do you see any light in that?"
Yes, the powers of the adversary are strong in the world today, but our collective influence, as true disciples of the living Savior, is even stronger. May we continually let our light—His light, which is in us—shine."
I love you all! Let's all be children of the light! The lives you touch will touch- the effect is amazing!

Sister Posadas

Fun Fact:
1 Sister Cubelo: Simula ng naging companion kita, marami na akong napuntahan. Puro gala. :) Is that a compliment? :))

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