Linggo, Oktubre 12, 2014

Families are Forever

Dearest Family,

Every week, I learn so many things and one of the many things that stood out to me with what I'm going to share is that families are forever!!! Isn't that one of the most beautiful things ever? I'm so grateful that I have a family here on earth and that I am sealed with them for all time and all eternity. I love you so much! :) All the family vibe is coming from the examples of happy members here with their families and their adorable kids running around the meetinghouse every Sundays haha (I don't have much encounter with kids in Hong Kong so please bare with me).

Our investigators, Rizza and Kelvin are progressing so well! I love how their testimonies are strengthened because of the Book of Mormon. Last night, we taught Kelvin the Law of Chastity and before we said the closing prayer, he took of his ear ring. We knew it was dear to him but he was that humble and willing to follow all of God's commandments. They're awesome. I love them! 

Today is P-day and our zone went to the Temple (photos below). It's a blessing to be one of the 14 missionaries here in Macau. We are the closest to China and this work is nothing but great and marvelous! I've been dreaming of opening China! Someday, it will!
It was a wonderful experience at the Temple this morning, as always, and I love how the word temple was defined in the bible dictionary-- "only the home can compare with the temple in sacredness". How has your temple attendance made a difference in your life? How can we liken our homes to temple? We can think and ponder about those things and work on it. I know that it is indeed a continuous effort but it is worth it and as we make our homes like temples, I promise you that you will enjoy the companionship of the Spirit more and we will have more spiritual strength to face life's challenges. :)

Excited for the General Conference? Absolutely! We're going to watch it this week and also the General Women's Meeting. Do you have questions or needs waiting for answers? Well, we invited our investigators to prepare and see how the Lord's servants will answer. I testify that our Heavenly Father loves us perfectly and He knows the details, the details, the details of our lives.

It's my companion's birthday today! Part 1 of the surprise is done. We planned another one tonight with the other sisters. I'm fine here, don't worry! I think Hong Kong is also doing well. :)

Ngoh ngoi leih! I love you! Ga yauh! Add oil! :)
"Chew cup moi deck geng hoi sam!'- I don't know how to spell the last phrase but that's how I hear it and it means-- sobrang masayang masaya ako! :) 

Sister Posadas

Oh we got matching clothes from the 70's- courtesy Sister Law's wardrobe.
 Transformer thingy.
Buffet buffet! 
Mama Beth- she's a wonderful example of charity!

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