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Having an Eternal Family is My Goal 6 Months From Now!

Dearest Family,

This week has been amazing. I love teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I was just impressed on how the prophets and apostles would give talks that would relate to the field that they are in. There was one night a few months ago when I likened the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a wonder drug. It is something that we need to be healed and be happy. It is the only way to save our lives. Some people may think that they don't need it but and it may seem that we're okay but the adversary sometimes is giving us illnesses that slowly destroy us and often times may seem asymptomatic. The Gospel of Jesus Christ will cure us from any heartbreak or any pain that we're in to right now. You should ask the pharmacist to get you this wonder drug. No, ask the missionaries, they can help you! And for those taking this wonder drug, it should be a maintenance medication and I promise you that you will live happily. ;)

Time flies so unbelievably fast. During my year mark, of course they aren't any cakes or balloons haha, we had exchanges and I was with Sister Cheung. It isn't something new to her because we often are companions when our STL companions have meetings. She's an ABC. She's so young (I feel like she's Monica) yet she's so much potential. She's so much fun too. I love her. I got to be with her with their five lessons and one activity in Cantonese. It was a busy day. It's really not easy to be in a language that you can't understand anything but I'm picking up more Cantonese words now that I'm living with bundeihs (chinese natives) and Sister Serrano's so pro at Cantonese. (But it's Mandarin language that I want to learn after my mission!). It was a wonderful and happy experience to meet their investigators and less-actives too. They are all so nice and cute because they were mostly teaching the youth. Sister Lee taught me to a few sentences in Cantonese to help me in the lesson which was powerful. I really appreciate everything and it was such a meaningful and learning experience for me.
This week, Sister Serrano and I also went proselyting and knocking doors on buildings (it was my first time!). Well, we need to discern with the Spirit which door isn't Chinese and it was a fun experience too! Imagine taking a flight of stairs every now and then! It took a lot of patience, faith, and hard work too but it was all worth it.
Our investigators with baptismal dates are progressing! Sister Serrano and I just love teaching them and witnessing them grow as they've finally gain a spiritual witness that the Book of Mormon is true- and everything else just follows! Yesterday, I gave a talk during sacrament about how the Book of Mormon answers the questions to the soul. If you haven't tried or gained a witness of this yet, I exhort you to see it for yourself. Prayer and revelation is the key to solving any problems we have in life. :)

It's been a year now and it's been awesome. I will never trade this experience for anything. I've never felt happier and stronger with my testimony than any other time in my life. It's funny to look back on how and what I was before my mission. How grateful I am for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Teaching Repentance is one of the things I love as we continue to invite God's children to repent and receive a remission of sins. Always remember that we are not bad people, we are imperfect people but with His Atonement and His gospel, everything can be made right. Mission did absolutely change me and I still got a few more months to improve and do the best I can to serve Him- because what happens here will reflect on who I will be after my mission. Yesterday, Sister Serrano and I got the chance to substitute Sister Precy during sharing time in primary because she was sick and it was absolutely so fun to be with the primary children- they were 5 white kids and they were so adorable, amazing, and smart! Imagine one little 4 year old talk about the gold plates, Joseph Smith and of Hill Cummorah. Sister Serrano and I are so excited to have children someday. I've also learned from my companion how to be firm and organized. She's really a good example to me. It's very humbling how Heavenly father is teaching me things that I need to learn for the future. It is a blessing and a wonderful responsibility to raise children in faith and our message is all about eternal families because nothing else makes us much happier than the relationship we have with our family. Let's all head to the temples where families can be sealed forever!

I know that God lives and that He is mindful of you. Always know that we are a family and that we will live together forever in God's presence someday. I love you all.
P.S. I'm dying to send photos but my card reader is broken!
Thank you for all the cute baby photos and great updates! You rock!

See you on April,
Sister Posadas

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