Linggo, Oktubre 26, 2014

I lost all my cards...

but I found it!
Dearest family,
Thank you for the email and for the photos! I was so happy to see Ayan's graduation photo. A member asked me last night if I've already seen my brother's graduation photo and I'm like, no. hey wait, did he really graduate? So he showed me the photo and that was the proof! He's so handsome in the photo and I bet Ayan will be more handsome with a nametag on him! I'm really excited for all my siblings! I am so happy and proud for all that you're doing! I love you so much!
I'd just like to share an experience I had the other week when we had our temple trip. When we got back to Macau, I lost my card holder with all my important mission cards like HK ID, bank card, etc. and I'm like, oh no, not again, this is so me but I tried my  best to take good care of my stuff for a year and I really don't want that to happen but it didn't really bother me though and when we got home, I told the other sisters and one sister asked me, Did you pray? and I paused and pondered because I knew that deep down in my heat I did pray and I received a spiritual confirmation that comforted me. It was so peaceful that I had the assurance not to worry and that I'll have it back and so I answered yes and it was okay. She said, you'll find it because she also lost her wallet a few weeks ago. I just didnt like bothering other people because of my negligence but because of faith, my prayer was answered and the next day, we went to the ferry terminal to look for it with the other sisters who can speak Cantonese and they sent it to Macau from HK. It was so good and I was so grateful. What I learned from that experience is not only to be more careful with my stuff but it reminded me of how God speaks with us through the Spirit, that Galatians 5:22-23 feeling. Don't you just love that sweet, peaceful, and comforting feeling that you get in your heart? ;)
My prayer is that we will continue to live virtuous lives and as we do so, we will invite the Spirit more and we will be endowed with greater power. I know that the the Spirit will reveal and testify all truths to us, all the things we need to know, and all the things that will help us go back to our Heavenly Father's presence someday. :)
I love you all.
Sister Posadas
Attached are photos from the Branch bbq activity- Sister Cheung was my companion, random photos during Sister Serrano's birthday (balloon killer), and just random photos!

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