Linggo, Marso 29, 2015

Declutter Your Lives

Ang Aking Minamahal na Pamilya,

One of the things that I've learned here in the mission is to declutter. Yeah, basically to be remove all clutter, fix things, and be clean, neat, and organized. Mom and dad, don't you think it's an answered prayer? Haha. I told you, my future home will be tidy! I just didn't know how to start before. I want it to be like a temple! I'm full of faith! ;)
I remember President Hawks relating his experience when he was a bishop and one young man went to his office confessing horrible sins to him and after that, he asked the young man how his room was, the boy thought that he must be crazy because what does his room has to do with his sins. President Hawks then explained that, if we don't have control over those small and simple things in our lives like our personal time and space, we wouldn't have control over bigger things in our lives. I've been applying this principle since I got here and it took me only now to share it to you because I, myself, have to fully apply it for months and I have seen the changes and the miracles within me personally and it has been my personal goal always, daily, and weekly to organize ourselves and establish a house of order, a house of God. (See Doctrine & Covenants 88:119) So I invite you all (if you're not yet doing this yet) to check your personal space and declutter those unnecessary things, even declutter those unnecessary stuff out of your lives for good and witness the difference. It will work wonders, I promise you and you'll invite the Spirit even more in your lives. It always a start with the small and simple things- line upon line, precept upon precept. 

I'm so stoked for February! Ito na yung kasagsagan ng winter! I'm excited for the Chinese New Year, baptisms, reactivations, and more miracles this month! Plus, Elder M. Russell Ballard going to visit us! :) 
We can now see the fruits of Sister Aro and I's harvest and we are so grateful and happy for it. We had some hard times because we tried to spare some of our investigators a little longer but we had to drop some of them and focus on the elect ones- We've seen the changes in their lives as they continue to keep their commitments and it shows in their faces, the light that shines in and through them because of their faith in following our Savior Jesus Christ.It's been amazing! It's a miracle how God always leads us back to our former investigators, and those less actives the past few weeks. He truly is mindful of each one of us. He loves us unfailingly, eternally.

I know that God is pleased with all His missionaries so I'm happy to hear and see the glow from fellow missionaries in the field, those who have received their mission calls and those who are returned missionaries continuing the work. Every member is a missionary, right? You inspire me. Keep up the awesome work! Thank you for all the prayers and love! 

I know that God lives and that He loves you unfailingly, eternally.
I love you, too.

Me: Sister Aro, pinapauwi na nila ako. :( Lagi na lang nila tinatanong kung kailan at sinasabihan ako na malapit na yung April.
Sister Aro: Sinong may sabi nun? *matapang voice*
Me: Sila. Malayo pa yung April diba?
Sister Aro: Malayooooooo pa yun.....
Me: Yes! Ikr. I love youuu!!! :))))))

Until we meet again,
Sister Posadas
-Cutest Family Photo- Christmas 2014 :)
-Just happy with the Hello Kitty Red Bean Pie a member gave after a long day :)

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