Miyerkules, Disyembre 24, 2014

Maligayang Pasko!

Ang Aking Minamahal na Pamilya,

Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat!
We've been partying all week long at the everyday branch. Haha. It's so fun! I'm grateful that I got to serve my fellow Filipinos in a foreign land and yes, Paskong Pinoy is the best! :) I am so patriotic now, I just love being Filipino. My companion and I agreed that we would definitely marry a Filipino and help build God's kingdom in the Philippines. :))

Sister Aro and I are now companions! I love her so much! We are alike in some ways (even in our weaknesses) and we have so much fun together doing our best and grabbing all opportunities to serve all of God's children. We do our best to be worthy of the Spirit and to rely on it, we're so grateful for the successes this week. It was totally miraculous! We've been working so hard for the past weeks but we never gave up and I guess we were proven worthy to have God's blessings as He tried our patience and faith. It's very humbling and rewarding. I know that God really knows the desires of our hearts and He blesses those who seek diligently for His help. :) 

We got to visit our branch president, President Jequinto and his family who flew in hk to spend Christmas with him. They are such a beautiful family and they are very supportive of missionary work too. They brought us sweet treats from the Phils. There's no KK here, we missed it. :))

Our less-actives brought their friends to church. They're amazing! Their friends also accepted copies of the Book of Mormon and agreed to come to church next time. We have a lot of new investigators and they are so willing to learn more of the gospel! Sweet! We love them! 
I just love how everyone is having the Spirit of Christ within them. The members here are amazing. 
May we always have the Spirit of Christ and always remember God's gift to us which is recorded in Luke 2. Jesus Christ's life is a perfect story of love and life. I know that He lives and He loves us. He is my life and He just means everything to me. Come unto Christ and you'll see how happy you can be! :) 

I love these bible videos of Luke 2:

Try this to feel more of Christ this season:

Enjoy the photos!!!

Mahal na mahal ko kayong lahat.

We miss you so much, Sister Polidario. 
How's the RM daily planner?

Btw FYI the members here are just the best cooks ever!!!!!!

Hanggang sa muli,

Sister Posadas

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