Linggo, Marso 29, 2015

The Final Stretch!!!

Ang Aking Minamahal na Pamilya,

Another transfer is over and I just couldn't believe that it's my last! Isn't that so crazy? It's been miraculous. If our mission president think he needs to repent more than I've been repenting on a whole lot of things this week. Haha. Oh how grateful am I for God's grace that we can all improve and be the best selves that we could be.

We're so happy that Fatima got baptized last Thursday! It was the same day that Elder M. Russell Ballard had a devotional for everyone and we were all happy to see recent converts, investigators, and less-actives attend that meeting. It was such a spiritual day for all of us. It was also a blessing that all the missionaries were instructed by him and I testify that if we fully embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, we'll definitely have a greater desire for the eternal welfare of our brothers and sisters. Truly, there is joy and satisfaction that is only understood in spiritual feelings. I testify as I've come to continue to learn and witness it for myself.

I have a new companion and she's Sister Valenzuela who's fresh from the Philippines MTC. She's such a good companion, very humble and teachable. I love her and I'm so blessed to have her. She's very lucky to meet a living prophet and apostle of the Lord on her first day of her mission and also a baptism on her first day in the field! We really are striving to learn more and apply the prophetic counsels we received and it has been challenging but absolutely miraculous and fabulous!!! We're bolder and fearless in finding as we're able to talk to more and more people each day. I've never been so talkative in my entire life in a good way of course and we've been really busy talking and inviting to more people, also asking for more referrals and it's really been awesome. We're happy and enjoying this work that requires a lot of faith and effort! Remember, nothing worth it comes easy, my friends! 

It's also been a sad week full of farewell parties for The Clarks. I will surely miss them as I've worked and served with them almost my entire mission in the Victoria 2nd branch. I truly have learned a lot from them. They are exemplary. How we all love them here.

I'm grateful to be a missionary and so much of me has been made because of being here. Always remember who you are. You are a beloved child of God. You are of eternal worth. I know that God lives and that He loves us. 

I invite you all to heed to the counsels of our living prophets for their promises are sure. Follow the prophet, he knows the way! Elder M. Russell Ballard reminded us to be your best and be fabulous!

 The Thursday Family is one happy family and they decided to have a black and white themed baptism! Derek is a recent convert who has a very inspiring story. It was his first time to perform a baptism ordinance and it was perfect. He's such a great example to all of us.

I love you all!!!

See you in six weeks,
Sister Posadas

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